Wednesday, January 21, 2009


In short, Jo had an argument with Grace this morning. Over a hairbrush. Grace couldn’t find hers, Jo gave her some options, and Grace replied “Fine, I’ll use Edie’s damn hairbrush”. Jo gave her a consequence for swearing, Grace replied that it wasn’t fair he got to say Damn and she couldn’t, and, well, *crickets*. I have no answer for this six year old logic.

I know, I know, the writing is on the wall for us, the adults, to clean up our language a bit. However, I need a band-aid until we do tidy up our language. Swearing to me is sort like there’s a time and a place for it, when used effectively, it can be quite appropriate (heh heh, I still love the f-word). However, I’m not sure our six year old, who has an answer for everything, will understand that. So, how do you explain that it’s okay for grown-ups to swear sometimes, but not kids?

Help, dammit!


Chantal said...

You know about my mouth, so I'll just go from there.

I've always told my kids that yes, it is a double standard that adults can swear and kids can't, but it's because I know when it is appropriate to say it. I'm in my thirties and I have a job and kids, so I have learned what situations it's okay to swear in. At six, she might not just yet, so while it's okay to let it slip once in a while at home, it's not okay at school or whenever she feels like it. So, until she knows how to control that impulse, it's probably best that she doesn't swear at all.

MadWoman said...

My six year old also has an answer for everything under the sun and it bugs me to no end. I had to tell her that just because mom and dad swear like truckers doesn't mean she's allowed to until she knows when it's appropriate. As in, not every second word like some of the kids in her class.

Until then....I hear duct tape works well :)

XUP said...

Like the others said - kids should be very clear that they are kids and you are adults and there are many things you are allowed to do that they aren't - just like there are things they do that you aren't allowed to do anymore. (make some up and stick to it - like riding certain rides at the carnival or playing with certain toys or watching certain TV programs or eating some types of candy or something). Usually they'll think this is cool and better swallow the "you're not allowed to do this until you're older" rule

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

i tell speedy only adults can cuss. kids get punished. end of story lol. works for me here