Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I love (most) flashbacks.

I was on the bus this morning and had an amazing memory. It involved Jane Siberry and Rideau Valley Middle School (I went there during those oh so painful years of grade six to grade 8). Anyhoooo, we used to have these school dances over the lunch hour, and the “d.j.” (I believe it was our geography teacher) would spin the latest hits. You know what I’m talking about, a little Corey Hart, a little Huey Lewis, and a whole lot of Chicago. Well, one of these dances occurred when Jane Siberry’s “Mimi on the Beach” was a hit. That’s what I’m going to leave you with. Picturing a bunch of pre-pubescent kids wearing stirrup pants and colours you’d only find in government issued highlighters, trying to figure out how to dance to Mimi on the Beach.

I’m sure there were other awkward songs to dance to, I’m going to make a list.

Jane Siberry - Mimi On The Beach lyrics | LyricsMode.com

Friday, October 24, 2008

Appeal to the General Public

I can see the writing on the wall. Grace just got over her last batch of nightmares, and with all the scary ghouley things out there this time of year, I suspect her mind will trap these images and haunt her for the next two months. This means my change at 8hrs sleep in a row is one again shot.

I have thought about suggesting not going trick or treating this year, but that would just be cruel. Besides, scary images are everywhere this time of year, and there is no escaping them unless I lock her up and throw away the key (which would mean me spending 24-7 with her which just wouldn't be good for anybody!)

Grace is aware of the anxiety that Hallowe'en is going to cause her, and we have discussed the "holiday" ad nauseum, and I really really do hope that she will do her best not let her imagination get the best of her. Meanwhile, she has appealed to me to ask everyone (and I'm flattered that she feels her mother is bossy enough that she can communicate to the world) if everyone could do this one this Hallowe'en:

Could everyone just please dress up as a bunny rabbit this year?

We'd be much obliged.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Anyone know a good therapist?

Me, talking to Edie last night, sums up my weekend in a nutshell. Please remember that Edie is my “sweet” one”……

Me: What was the best part of you weekend Edie?
Edie: Me!

Me: What was the worst part of your weekend Edie?
Edie: You!

Monday couldn’t have come fast enough this weekend.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love footwear. Boots, heels, flats, flip-flops; even slippers have been known to cause me to quiver. I have always been this way – I can remember saving hard earned babysitting money to buy a par of mesh and rubber shoes from Le Ch√Ęteau when I was in grade 6. Back then girls were wearing topsiders and PeterPan getaway boots, but not I, I had already developed a taste for the exotic in footwear.

So, when Grace told me her shoes were too small, after I swear, just buying her a new pair of shoes a few weeks back, I smiled to myself and thought, finally, Grace is little like her mother after all. I obliged, brought her to the mall, and we started looking for shoes. Now, last time I checked, Grace was a 12. And that’s what we started with. Lemme tell you, I felt like the Prince trying to squeeze the evil step-sister’s sausages in the glass slipper. Gracie’s foot would not go in. Huh. Maybe she did grow after all. Let’s try 12 ½, umm, nope, no can do. These shoes must be European; they tend to be cut on the smaller side. We’ll just jump up to 13 and see how we do…..well, don’t cry sweetie, Mommy’s not hurting you on purpose, I guess we’ll just have to try the 13 ½, oh, come on, give me a fucking break, is there paper wadded up in the toe area? Miss? Miss? Would you come over here please? Would you please measure my daughter’s feet? She’s just not fitting into any of these shoes, and last time I checked, she was a 12. Are these things labeled properly? Oh, what’s that? I see. She’s a 1 bordering on a size 2. Why yes, I am a shitty mother, completely unaware that children can grow over night in leaps and bounds and potentially bankrupt a family due to her increasing shoe upgrades. And yes, I have been sending her to school everyday in shoes that are two sizes too small for her potentially causing some weird stunting phenomenon in her foot. Thank you, thank you very much for all of your help.

Check out PeeWee's Big Shoe dance. Awesome stuff.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Do to having nothing to say, but still having a desire to talk about myself, here are 10 Random things…..

1) Edie has taken to calling herself Edie Rainbow, and has pretty much done away with our family name.

2) Another six year old taught Grace how to tie her shoes over the weekend. While I’m over the moon with this accomplishment, I also feel a little insecure that another six year taught her something her parents should have.

3) Edie looked and sounded like a little disgruntled bureaucrat yesterday when I picked her up at daycare, muttering something about having a really bad day. The funny thing is she goes to daycare in a building that hosts government of Canada employees, and she blended in beautifully.

4) I’m a little freaked out because I just realized, at 35 years old, that I don’t have consistent handwriting. You know how most people can recognize other people’s handwriting? My changes on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. What does this mean about me? The only consistent letter is a “g”. Strange, eh?

5) I have a huge surprise planned for Jonas’ birthday and I feel like it’s going to pop right out of my mouth any second. This is agony!

6) I just counted 14 pairs of shoes in my cubicle. And two of them are silver. Who needs two pairs of silver shoes? Someone who has a child who refers to herself as Edie Rainbow, that’s who.

7) I burnt my tongue trying to get my coffee in my body this morning in an attempt to ward off a caffeine withdrawal headache.

8) We are being forced to change our signature blocks at work to reflect the“common look and feel” of the federal government. My signature block more than a ¼ of a page long. I shit you not.

9) I am contemplating taking Friday off, not sure what is holding me back. I would like to so some fall gardening and trim stuff back. Is there anything I can plant this time of year for next year?

10) When I got to work this morning and looked in the mirror I was embarrassed to see some white dried up toothpaste on my chin. Sigh. I wonder if this caused the bus people to talk.

Finally, because I suck at entertaining today, this is bound to make up for it: