Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Do to having nothing to say, but still having a desire to talk about myself, here are 10 Random things…..

1) Edie has taken to calling herself Edie Rainbow, and has pretty much done away with our family name.

2) Another six year old taught Grace how to tie her shoes over the weekend. While I’m over the moon with this accomplishment, I also feel a little insecure that another six year taught her something her parents should have.

3) Edie looked and sounded like a little disgruntled bureaucrat yesterday when I picked her up at daycare, muttering something about having a really bad day. The funny thing is she goes to daycare in a building that hosts government of Canada employees, and she blended in beautifully.

4) I’m a little freaked out because I just realized, at 35 years old, that I don’t have consistent handwriting. You know how most people can recognize other people’s handwriting? My changes on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. What does this mean about me? The only consistent letter is a “g”. Strange, eh?

5) I have a huge surprise planned for Jonas’ birthday and I feel like it’s going to pop right out of my mouth any second. This is agony!

6) I just counted 14 pairs of shoes in my cubicle. And two of them are silver. Who needs two pairs of silver shoes? Someone who has a child who refers to herself as Edie Rainbow, that’s who.

7) I burnt my tongue trying to get my coffee in my body this morning in an attempt to ward off a caffeine withdrawal headache.

8) We are being forced to change our signature blocks at work to reflect the“common look and feel” of the federal government. My signature block more than a ¼ of a page long. I shit you not.

9) I am contemplating taking Friday off, not sure what is holding me back. I would like to so some fall gardening and trim stuff back. Is there anything I can plant this time of year for next year?

10) When I got to work this morning and looked in the mirror I was embarrassed to see some white dried up toothpaste on my chin. Sigh. I wonder if this caused the bus people to talk.

Finally, because I suck at entertaining today, this is bound to make up for it:

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xup said...

This signature block thing is ridiculous. I didn’t even know that my email address was different in French and English! Take Friday off. Plant bulbs – tulips, daffodils, etc…