Monday, October 20, 2008

Anyone know a good therapist?

Me, talking to Edie last night, sums up my weekend in a nutshell. Please remember that Edie is my “sweet” one”……

Me: What was the best part of you weekend Edie?
Edie: Me!

Me: What was the worst part of your weekend Edie?
Edie: You!

Monday couldn’t have come fast enough this weekend.


xup said...

Maybe if you weren't such a mean old mommie?? Ha ha - kids, eh? Aren't they just too, too sweet sometimes?

alison said...

When I do something Rachel wants me to do, I am the Best Mother EVER.

When I do something Rachel doesn't want me to do, I am the Meanest Mother IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

alison said...

There is no middle ground.

~Jobthingy~ said...

LOL! kids are so funny