Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love footwear. Boots, heels, flats, flip-flops; even slippers have been known to cause me to quiver. I have always been this way – I can remember saving hard earned babysitting money to buy a par of mesh and rubber shoes from Le Château when I was in grade 6. Back then girls were wearing topsiders and PeterPan getaway boots, but not I, I had already developed a taste for the exotic in footwear.

So, when Grace told me her shoes were too small, after I swear, just buying her a new pair of shoes a few weeks back, I smiled to myself and thought, finally, Grace is little like her mother after all. I obliged, brought her to the mall, and we started looking for shoes. Now, last time I checked, Grace was a 12. And that’s what we started with. Lemme tell you, I felt like the Prince trying to squeeze the evil step-sister’s sausages in the glass slipper. Gracie’s foot would not go in. Huh. Maybe she did grow after all. Let’s try 12 ½, umm, nope, no can do. These shoes must be European; they tend to be cut on the smaller side. We’ll just jump up to 13 and see how we do…..well, don’t cry sweetie, Mommy’s not hurting you on purpose, I guess we’ll just have to try the 13 ½, oh, come on, give me a fucking break, is there paper wadded up in the toe area? Miss? Miss? Would you come over here please? Would you please measure my daughter’s feet? She’s just not fitting into any of these shoes, and last time I checked, she was a 12. Are these things labeled properly? Oh, what’s that? I see. She’s a 1 bordering on a size 2. Why yes, I am a shitty mother, completely unaware that children can grow over night in leaps and bounds and potentially bankrupt a family due to her increasing shoe upgrades. And yes, I have been sending her to school everyday in shoes that are two sizes too small for her potentially causing some weird stunting phenomenon in her foot. Thank you, thank you very much for all of your help.

Check out PeeWee's Big Shoe dance. Awesome stuff.


xup said...

And there's no point in buying shoes a bit larger so that she can wear them for more than a week, because they always grow 2 or 3 sizes at once. The good news is eventually they'll be your size and then you all will have twice as many shoes you all can wear!! Yay!

alison said...

Rachel's feet are within spitting distance of catching up with Leah's feet. This is not funny from a budgetary point of view.

~Jobthingy~ said...

ugh i hear that. Speedy has completely outgrown the kid sizes and is now in ladies.

if only she was in my large foot size tho... then i could buy those cute pink sparkly shoes.... uh.. for her of course

Marianne said...

I totally hear you! I noticed the other day that my daughter was walking funny so I took her shoe shopping. It had been a long time since i'd measured her foot. Well, she was wearing a size 4 shoe when she really needed a 6. How bad to I feel!

Oh, I tagged you for a list of 7 weird/interesting things about you. Details on my blog.