Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm turning 40 next month

and look at me all of a sudden I'm all technologically challenged.  I decided to mess around with my blog tonight, make it all cool and hip, and like a mother-effer, because I'm turning forty I'm all like "Duhhhhh, where's the on button?  Where's the off button?  Why are there so many windows open?  Stop clicking so fast!  What's a favicom?  Whaaaaaa this is hard!"  

Bear (wait is it bare like a bare bum or bear like a growly animal?  Why has this not come up in my life until now?) with me, site is under construction.  

I am hoping that I did manage to stop the spammy robots from commenting on my blog, because I'm sure the spammy robots were shooting lasers at YOU preventing YOU from leaving real, legit comments....right?  


Lynn said...

LOVE that new header photo. You rock on, lady.

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

love the photo!!! HAWT! I'm also technologically challenged and keep saying I want to change up my blog and make it awesome to look at but...I have no idea how to do so and therefore it remains lame. Yours looks hip and cool and awesome, however!