Friday, January 16, 2009

I've faced the beast head-on and she ain't pretty. I've fought her back with Tylenol, Advil, cold compresses, hot compresses, saltines, jello, and have even tried to cuddle it to death. Bitch. Keeps. Coming. Back. Gracie, my healthy, "gotta-run-her-before-bedtime" girl has been hit, and she's been hit hard by that bitch, Flu. For four days no, now school, no extracurricular activities and barely any food for this kid. Worrisome. I think people throw the word "flu" around a bit flippantly - a sniffle is not the flu, a cough and general malaise is not the flu. The flu is knock-you-down, heat you up, put a chill in your bones that violates your throat, head, lungs AND stomach. I hate seeing her like this.

Edie hopes she doesn't get it either. She said to me yesterday that she couldn't get sick, because where would all the kids go? I asked her what she meant and she said they wouldn't open the day care if she stayed home sick. LOVE the ego of a three year old!

Have a great weekend, bolt your doors, black out your windows. Flu is out there, looking for willing hosts......(oh, and if you don't hear from me for a week, you'll know Bitch got me too).


alison said...

Poor Gracie! Poor mommy too. I hope she feels better soon and that no one else comes down with it.

Leah heard a news report a couple of days ago saying that the flu shot this year doesn't contain the vaccine against the most prevalent strain that's out there right now. She's mad at me because I made her get a 'useless' shot.

Love Edie's ego. If she's off sick, I might not go to work!

meanie said...

alison - haha, love that leah sits down with the news and knows all about "vaccines". thanks for the well wishes :)

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

LOL! tell her i will take work off also. i mean come on.. if Edie isnt at day care i surely cannot go to work.

ugh. i hope gracie gets better quick. keeps hands washed, lysol the shit out of your house. dont forget the brat diet when she can get something in her.


meanie said...

jobthingey - i feel like i should know what this brat diet is.....but i don't - enlighten me!

MadWoman said...

Poor Gracie! The flu is nasty and I've been avoiding it like..well... the plague. Many of my friends have been knocked down by her/it and it sucks.

Hope she gets better soon and that you avoid it.

alison said...

BRAT = bananas, rice, apple sauce, toast

It's bland and easy on upset tummies.