Monday, January 12, 2009

The best:

First Friday off with my new, 4-day a week job.
Finding a virgin hill to go tobogganing on with the whole family - not another soul in sight. We owned the hill. I love seeing the girls with healthy pink cheeks, bright eyes and sheer joy in their faces.
Clint Eastwood's new movie, Grand Torino. Run, don't walk. So good.
Hot yoga at Rama Lotus Centre, Sunday morning, 9-10:30. What a way to start the day. Sweat out all those nasty toxins and stretch out those tight muscles. Feels great.
A little one-on-one time with Edie the Bikini. We don't get much alone time together, so it was a delight to take her to Indigo, have coffee together (well, she had juice), and peruse the children's book shelves with her. Of course, she was dressed in full princess garb, crown and all, so all eyes were on her. She's so funny. I love how she, at three, can walk around, dressed head to toe in one of her many princess costumes and just own it.
Edie not liking the chocolate chip cookie I bought for us to share, so I got it all to myself.
Going swimming with Edie at the community pool. She's just getting over a little fear of the water and now loves to swim around, taking pride in being at arms length, rather than in my arms, when we swim.
Using the slow cooker, coming home to a warm meal, with no dishes, other than our dinner plates, to wash.
Everyone, including Jo, passing out at 8:30, leaving me, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Golden Globes alone together.

And the worst:

OC Transpo. Honestly, you people who voted No suck. People are so stressed out right now with lay-offs and financial crisis', I really do find it selfish of you to be extending this strike even farther. With all due respect, I really question your judgement. You are making many people's lives very difficult. Case in point: When Jo was exiting his car near Landsdowne park on Thursday night, he heard a feeble little "Help!" It came from an elderly woman, with groceries in hand, having difficulty making it to her home. Turns out she was in her 4th hour of her gorcery commute. With this damn strike, she has to walk to the closest grocery store (Billings Bridge) and carry her items home. Because she has to walk, she can only buy a few things at a time. This means she has to do this trip often. She had to call out for help, to a total stranger, to help her home with her things. And, do you remember how cold it was Thursday night? It was damn cold. Probably as cold as the strike-supporters hearts.


~*Jobthingy*~ said...

LOL she rocks going out in princess gear. *I* want to go out in princess gear and own it dammit

The Maven said...

Agreed on the OC Transpo thing. People, you make good money. You do not need to work overtime. Many jobs don't even have overtime. Get over yourselves and get back to work. I'm truly disgusted at the selfishness and I'm not the only one.

XUP said...

I'm pea green with envy at your beautiful 4 day work week. And agree 150% on the transit strike thing. Strikes are supposed to be against the employer not the general public.

alison said...

Me too. I just want it over. And I want to go out with Jobthingy in matching princess gear.

One-on-one time is so great. I find that it's especially sweet with the younger one. It makes them feel special.