Monday, January 19, 2009

ummm, just had a call from the doctor's office. Gracie has strep. I am getting this news more than 48 hours after having her at the clinic. I am to start a round of antibiotic asap.

Why couldn't this test have been done (taken from kids health website):

"If your child has a sore throat and other strep throat symptoms, call your doctor. The doctor will likely do a rapid strep test in the office, using a cotton swab to take a sample of the fluids at the back of the throat. The test only takes about 5 minutes."

Is this a test we don't have? I think it's awful that Grace has had to suffer longer than necesary when it could have been determined in 5 minutes. Does anyone know if this test is used in Ontario/Canada?


Sparklypear said...

We have it here. My bf had it done by his doctor in November.

Nat said...

We most certainly do have it here. My family doc used it to diagnose strep on me -- twice, and prove the "you can call me doctor" medical student wrong.

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

not every office has it tho cause my office does not. he diagnosed my strep just by looking. he said he has seen enough of it over the years to see my throat is screaming in pain (i get it yearly also so i knew right away)and he wasnt going to make me wait the 24-48 hours.

XUP said...

Do we really want to get into the sorry state of the medical situation in this city?

I hope Gracie feels better soon

Beyond A Mommy said...

Oye, that is so frustrating - nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and having to wait days for an answer. The same thing happened when my little one had a UTI - it was horrible. Hope your little one is better soon!

Jay said...

We just had it done this week. I took all four kids to the ped's office, had them all swabbed, then he even offered to do me too. Haven't heard anything yet, so I am assuming it is something else. But they are all on antibiotics already. Myself included.

Hope Gracie feels better soon.