Monday, January 05, 2009

I asked XUP to interview me. I was a little scared of what she was going to ask, but here it is, and I don't need therapy.
1) One day you're a hot rocker chick student having the time of your life and the next day you're a wife, mother and government employee. How the hell did that happen?
Hot rocker chick? You flatter me. I still don't know how it all came together. I met my husband at university (knowing he was "the one"), so the wifey part was cemented early on. As for government employee? I really wanted to be a librarian. I love everything about librarians - their knowledge, wisdom, and ability to find out absolutely anything. And I love the environment they work in - quiet and peaceful. So, after graduating from university (a major in Theatre and double minor in Classical Studies and Women's Studies did not land me a job, natch) I signed up at Algonquin for the Librarian course. It was full, so they directed me to the Archives program. I didn't even know what an Archives was, but I haven't looked back since, working in museums, archives and libraries in our fair city. I firmly believe you can have a passion for a job in the government - it's just finding that right job. I also love the government for the conditions I can request (4 days a week, 7-3, with some telework). I recently switched jobs and handed in my blackberry - I was finding that particular job too stressful and demanding of my off time. Maybe when the girls are bigger are less demanding of my time, I will venture out of the civil service, but in general, I'm happy to be where I am. And it's fun to inject a little rock'n'roll in my co-workers lives.
The kids part is more interesting. Jo and I were just talking about this last night. We wanted to be married without kids for few years, just enjoy that kind of life. When we decided to have kids, nothing happened. It just wasn't happening. Jo had a job opportunity in Bermuda, so we decided to go for a year or two and then come back and deal with any infertility issues then. Of course, the day we signed the papers to go - tadaaa! Gracie became firmly planted in my uterus, and a mother I was to become. Grace was such a challenge as a wee one that I considered not having others - I thought I sucked as a mom and just wasn't enjoying the whole experience (I was later diagnosed with severe post-partum). But when the clouds lifted and things became more manageable we started trying again. One miscarriage ensued, then little Edie latched on and was born. Mother x2 I was and I became much better at the job, and I thoroughly enjoy my girls now. We would gor for another one or two, but only if we won the lottery or had a huge cash injection. Kids are expensive (and, so am I at times).
Sometimes I wish I could go out all the time, go to those small clubs, see bands sweat it out and rock. I really do miss it and think about it a lot. But, I would never wish my current life away, I really like it. I'm sure people will keep making music and clubs will keep opening. There will be time to do all that again.

2) What do you most fear about your girls becoming teenagers? I had shit self-esteem when I was a teenager and many problems stemmed from that, and many people took advantage of it. My biggest fear is that my girls won't have a strong sense of self and be easily influenced.

3) If you could be mayor of Ottawa for a day what three things would you change for this city?
Order OC Transpo back to work; cut the fat at City Hall and get rid of redundant positions and take the money saved and put it towards shelters/food banks; move whatever sports complex that is to be built from Kanata to Landsdowne.

4) You make an unscheduled trip home at noon in the middle of the week. The door is unlocked and you hear strange noises as soon as you enter the house. What do you think is going on and what do you do about it? Assume Jo is doing some minor house repair (he works close to home and often pops home at lunch) and go straight to the source. Now, if there was a strange car in the driveway I would likely call Jo to get his ass home and kamikaze the joint with me!

5) Who do you most admire? This question is much harder than I thought. There are people I admire like Angelina Jolie, for philanthropic reasons, and Mike Ness for his sexiness, but I honestly have to say I admire lots of people for different reasons. There is the girl at work who has the most amazing work ethic (I'm sure she doesn't even know what a blog is); there was my great Uncle Gordon who never ever ever ever said anything unkind about anyone; there's my dad who always disengages from gossip when it pops up; there are other members of my family who have overcome certain hardships and come out shining; my husband for his loyalty; there is my girlfriend who truly treats her body like a temple and doesn't eat any junk and excercises not to fit into a pair of size 2 jeans but to just feel good; I admire my 7 year old for her can-do and never give up attitude; I admire my 3 year old for wearing her heart on her sleeve and giving out love unconditionally. The ilst goes on. No one is perfect, but some people have mastered certain traits that I try to emulate.

Thanks so much for the thought provoking questions XUP - it's nice to re-visit my life and think about things I haven't really considered before. You're one cool cat for doing these interviews. Happy New Year.


The Maven said...

Um, you forgot to mention that you admire me for my, er... well, for some reason, anyway.

Love your answers. Meanie, you rock! And I have no doubt you were a hot rocker chick. You're a hot mama now and it's not so different, right? :P

Nat said...

Happy New Year.

Of course, we admire Maven for her Mavenness... right?

Loved these answers. :)

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

its admiring the maven because she is friends with Jobthingy.. get it straight nat

great answers meanie. and i totally agree with maven about the hot mama part.

Anonymous said...

Most excellent answers, Meanie. It's really interesting how well-thought out everyone's answers have been -- I don't know if you've had a chance to look at the post I entitled "the interviews so far" where I linked everyone who has done the interviews so far. It makes for some great reading. I shall add yours. And I agree with everyone that the hot mama/rocker chick thing is still totally evident

raino said...

yeah ! good taste with mike ness ... hot.