Friday, January 30, 2009



I have absolutely nothing to say. Nothing exciting happened in my life this week. That sucks.

I did watch The Notebook today and while my girlie friends told me it was good, they didn't tell me that I would be reduced to tears, sobbing, literally sobbing at the end.

I did decide against getting a spray tan, in preparation for the Florida trip next week. I'd rather be ghost-like than orange like. And Jonas kinda laughed at me when I mentioned I might go get sprayed.

I did found my favourite lipstick in the pocket of pants I never wear....yaaaaaay

I did find a super awesome new cleaning lady who makes feel ashamed because she has 3kids under 6, goes to school part-time and runs a cleaning company. Some people just have so much energy.

I told a totally nnappropriate joke at work the other that my peeps from old job would have been in stitches over, but my new peeps just all sorta looked uncomfortable and weird (c'mon, poo and priests can be funny people!)

See? Crickets.

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Anonymous said...

Please post that joke...

- your friendly neighbourhood curator