Sunday, January 25, 2009

Say whaaaaa???

Dropped Grace off today at a BD party at that wonderful place called Midway (think Las Vegas for the 7 and under crowd). I had Edie in tow, planning on dragging her around shopping with me to kill time whilst (can I use that word, "whilst" here?)Gracie whooped it up at the casino d'enfants. Anyhoooo, there was extra room at the party and the super-nice hostess-Mom invited Edie to join in on the fun. Well, didn't Miss Thing just rip off her leopard skin hat and glove ensemble and get down to business. I thought Grace might be disappointed, y'know, because this was her scene, NOT a scene for little sisters. I was a little apprehensive leaving, but then realized I had just been handed a golden ticket, granting me two hours of time to spend with my favourite person, me.

Three bathing suits, a latte and some fruity body lotion later, I returned to pick the girls. The Mom greeted me and asked what I was doing right. Huh? I never do anything right, what was she talking about? Turns out Grace polished her halo and became sister of the year. She didn't leave Edie's side the whole time, from taking her on the bumper cars, following her through the climbing area, encouraging her to eat her lunch and then, of course, teaching her the ins and outs of the slot machines (I'm pretty sure they have cameras there that follow Grace around when she goes there, girlfriend always turns a token into a small plush animal). I can't tell you how great his made me feel. Grace sort of treats Edie the way I image Mariah Carey might treat her personal assistant - bossy, tyrant-like and sometimes just plain mean. To hear this real world story of sisterly love made me feel like yeah, maybe I do do a pinch of something right, sometimes.


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Nat said...

When you're old enough to leave them, birthday parties are an excuse to go shopping!!!

(Midway always struck me as a poor man's Atlantic City. The kids love it, but man that place is sad.)