Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who says the F-word the best

I saw Burn After Reading last night, and I was mightily impressed by John Malkovich’s performance, particularly how he says “What the fuck”.

Some people say the f-word with such conviction, it becomes music to my ears. I really fell in love with the f-word when I saw Goodfellas for the first time, and heard Joe Pesci say ‘what the fuck kind of people are they?” Awesome stuff.

And then, there’s my back-up husband, Mike Ness, who growls a mean “fuck-up” in the great tune “Don’t Take Me for Granted”

And, I blogged about his use of the F-word a year or two ago, but it bears repeating: when Samuel L. Jackson sings the blues in Black Snake Moan he spits out one of meanest fuck’s I’ve ever heard….(grrr, I can’t link to an un-censored version, what the fuck?)

Being a mom, I can’t practice my f-word as much as I would like, even though I’m a mean mom. I wonder though if I won’t be a little proud when I hear one of my daughter’s mutter their first sincere “fuck!” when they stub their toe.

And, for more on the f-word, a Masterpiece Theatre of the f-word for your listening pleasure.


~Jobthingy~ said...

HA HA! i havent heard the masterpiece theater fuck in so long. i forgot how fucking funny it was. :P

i say fuck all the time. i say all cuss words actually all the time.

somehow, i am not sure how, Speedy wouldnt say shit if her mouth was full of it. and its funny cause people swear in front of her and go 'oh sorry' and she will pipe up and say 'its ok, im used it. you should hear my mom'

now where is that mother of the year trophy

Anonymous said...

Fuck'n Eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xup said...

Ha – you’re so right about John Malkovitch and the f-word. He puts so much heart and juice into it. I’ve noticed that before about him. If I were him, I’d make sure it appeared at least once in all my scripts.

Chantal said...

I know this will shock you, but I'm a huge fan of the word fuck. I think my favourite thing is to insert it in the centre of words - like Melanie Griffith is famous for doing.

I don't think I'll freak should my kids start to swear. I have two rules: know your place and in context. (Or out of context, but it has to be really funny!).

If you and I had drinks (when ARE we going to do that, btw?), I would swear my ass off!

mamatulip said...

I love Social D. Great clip.

Samuel L. definitely has it down pat. Muthafucka especially.

Love this post!

Gleemonex said...

Oh my FUCKING GOD. Waaaay back in the day (fall of 1992), this message was circulating my college campus on everyone's phones -- nobody knew where it came from or who originated it -- and I'll be damned, here it is! Mr. Gleemonex and I still call it "the fuck message," in a tone of wonderment and appreciation. Thank you!