Monday, September 22, 2008

I have a dream.

A dream that does not involve kids sleeping through the night, winning the lottery or having my house magically cleaned or my laundry done by fairies.

My dream is to play bass. A big bass. I want to get on stage and play Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent and Eddy Cochrane covers. So how does a girl like me, get a hold of

a) a big ass bass
b) someone to teach her how to play this big ass bass
c) some dudes to jam with who are also interested in playing this kind of music?

That being said, I would also like to learn how to play bass guitar. This is probably easier to come by. If anyone knows where I could get a hold of a bass guitar (I know absolutely nothing about musical instruments – a true newbie waiting to be molded by the music gods) and where I should take some lessons, lemme know.

Before I die (nope, I’m not dying, just planning ahead), I want to know what it feels like to jam and feel like Kim Gordon
Brian Ritchie

and John Entwhistle

(note the emphasis on feel like – it’s kinda liking singing in the shower and feeling like Boccelli but sounding like ass).

A girl can dream right???


~Jobthingy~ said...

link over to Bastette from my blogroll. she is a bassist :)

xup said...

Not to state the obvious or anything, but have you tried a music store? They've been known to sell you a musical instrument if you ask real nice and fork over a bunch of money. They also have some good connections to music teachers. Good luck!

meanie said...

jobthingey - thanks - i'll get in touch with her!

xup - i like personal touches. that's why i put it on my blog, just to see if there could be any coincidences (like a bass player willing to give me lessons and one of their used bass guitars). see jobthingey's comment - sorta a coincidence! we'll see where it goes....then, yeah, i guess i'll ask for lessons for xmas or something.

Beach Buddies & Gimli Playgroup said...

I have been asking for Guitar lessons for 2 years. I have not received them. Living in a small town doesn't help. My dream is to have a cool garage band. Play all night and rock out. I have a very good guitar. A Les Paul. The name doesn't mean anything to me either, but apparently it is one of the best. It's an electric I want and Acoustic. Now that I am unemployed I will try to get this organized. I will keep you posted. Maybe some day we can rock together.

Gleemonex said...

Darlin, you speak to my heart!

I took up bass guitar at the age of 31 (because Kim Deal is my HERO and if there is a heaven and I get to go there I'll be the bassist in a Pixies cover band called U-Massholes), with my only previous musical experience being a hellish three years of flute in junior high. My husband, ace guitarist, accompanied me to the store (I'd recommend someone knowledgeable coming with you, especially if you're as clueless as I was) and worked out on it a little (because I seriously did not know how to hold it, so how could I know if it worked?), and I bought it and a wee 50 amp. Then we went home and by the end of the day I was stumbling through some Ramones! It's good for the soul, it really is, and three years later, not that I'm any stripe of "Good at it," but I think I'm pretty OK -- I'm in a band because I own a bass, know what I mean? The Stu Sutcliffe plan. heh.

To sum up: a girl can and certainly should dream.

Gleemonex said...

left out a crucial bit of info: I bought a Mexican-made Fender Jazz bass and a Crate 50 amp. LOVE the bass, love it love it. But it is a big old heavy mofo, so you might want to consider all your alternatives.