Monday, May 08, 2006

I was determined to go out on Friday night after work. Before picking up the girls from daycare, I took a power nap (it's amazing what ten minutes can do!) Armed with a new pair of jeans and my red stilettos, Jo and I stuck it out until about 2:30 in the morning......I actually didn't feel too rough Saturday morning! Jonas on the other hand.....
The main reason we went out was to watch the Sens game - a super exciting game, but also a super depressing game. Oh well, they have another chance tonight
Most of the excitement this weekend though was focused on Ms. Grace and her busy social calendar. Saturday morning swim lessons (floated on her back and stomach, and put her face in the water! Yay!) In the shower room, while other kids were screaming about having their hair washed, a very stoic Grace grinned and bore the torture of a shampoo. I LOVE it when other kids are acting like devils when mine isn't - it makes me feel so superior....Next, a trip to WalMart (or, the Yucky Store, as we call it in our family). We had to buy a birthday present for one of Grace's little friends, and I spent about an hour explaining to Grace that she didn't get presents as well. She was easily distracted by some Trident gum (hee hee, she still thinks Trident is a special treat!)
Next up was Dora the Explorer Live! In Concert! Don't need to say much here, just think of the show, and picture it done live on stage (with a bunch of 2-6 year olds having meltdowns everywhere). Grace thoroughly enjoyed it; she danced, shouted and sang her little heart out (and
dropped her popsicle all over me in her excitement). I was talked into buying a 15 dollar Dora thingamajig...I guess I got caught up in the excitement too. Unfortunately, the 15 dollar thingamajig has turned into a royal pain in the ass at home.
Sunday - off to a birthday party - the host parents said I could drop her off and come back for her, but I'm not into that yet. One little boy whose parents did do that started crying for his mommy midway through the party - I would be so upset if I found out Grace did that and I wasn't there! Besides, I wanted birthday cake. After the party, I whisked Grace off to her next appointment - a swim date with her Auntie Lesley at the Wave Pool. I felt quite comfortable leaving Grace at that point and I took two hours to go shopping, have some lunch and enjoy my own company. Grace had tons of fun with Lesley....I wonder how tired Lesley was after a few hours with Hurricane Grace?
After a busy weekend, Grace finally succombed to all the activity and had a meltdown that I would rate 9 out of 10. After two time outs for playing too rough with Edie and stealing her toys ("But Mommy, I want to play with the empty juice box!") and Jo and I refusing to put up with her dinner time antics, she cried for a good 10 minutes. When she realized she wasn't getting anywhere with Jo and I, she stopped her crying and ate her dinner quietly at the dinner table. Thank you Nanny911!
I hope Grace doesn't expect this much activity every weekend. A) we can't afford it B) we don't have the energy!
Yes, Edie still exists. She and Jo had a great weekend of Home Depot-ing, shopping and hanging out. I didn't get much time with my little cutie, and when I did get some alone time with her she fell on the driveway and got a fat lip. Bad Mommy!

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