Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Grace started soccer last night! I am officially a soccer mom, driving the kids to soccer practice in the mini-van. There is nothing cuter than a four year old in tiny soccer cleats, shin guards and a soccer shirt. Grace did not give it as hard as I thought she might - instead of winding up and kicking the ball, she places her foot on the ball and shoves it. Jonas will have to practice a bit with her. She is very good at traveling with ball though and passing. So, she has practices on Monday, and Wednesdays are "game day". I can't believe I have arrived at a point in my life where I stand around watching my daughter play soccer with all the other neighborhood parents - it is a little surreal.
Edie thoroughly enjoyed the practice too - she stayed up past her bedtime to come watch and kept running away from the soccer field and flirting with anyone who would let her bat her long eyelashes at them. I gotta admit, my heart was full of love last night for my two girls. Now, when Grace woke me up at three in the morning with an itch on her back that only I could get for her, that is another story......
my favourite website today: http://pandora.com I'm listening a Stray Cats station I created!

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