Monday, May 29, 2006

Finally a beautiful weekend! Unfortunately we couldn't enjoy our backyard as much as we would have liked to due to the entire mosquito population camping out at our house. They must have detected Edie's plump little thighs and decided she could feed them for the whole summer. Grrrrr. Yesterday afternoon we went out and spent big bucks on one of these mosquito magnets - it better work.
We had a great dinner party on Saturday night with friends and spouses from our university days - Edie and Grace passed the noise test in the new house as we made no effort whatsoever to be quiet, and they snoozed through the whole party. When Grace was trying to fall asleep, she did complain about the ladies shoes going clack clack clack. I have such great memories of my own parents having parties and falling asleep to the sound of laughter, talking and music all mixed together.
FartMart, or Walmart, I have determined, is in fact Hell on earth. Why I subject myself to the torture of going there for milk because it is a few cents cheaper than elsewhere is beyond me (especially when I don't think twice about spending $20 on lipstick). It reeks, it is full of rude people, it is a mess and it brings out the worst in me. I was getting angry at my cash-lady for chit-chatting too much with the customers. I was actually getting mad at her for being too nice.
As for the kids, it was a bruise-free, blood-free weekend! Edie napped three hours each afternoon (so great); Grace was invited on playdates galore (a trip to the fair, which, upon her return home, resulted in her literally running around in circles due to the heavy sugar consumption!) Sometimes there are benefits to her having knocked out three teeth - she couldn't manage to each a candy-apple (but oh how she tried!)
Edie has added a new word to her vocabulary: shoe. That's my girl!
Website of the day - this is my brother's store in Toronto - there is something here for everyone, Grace loves the crafty little things he sends her from here!:

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