Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Forget the noodle!
Grace's swimming lesson last Saturday had her forgoing not only her life-jacket, but also her pool noodle. Our little tadpole was swimming on her own (a rather frantic, uncoordinated doggie-paddle, but that is not the point!) She is the only one in her class making this attempt, and we are so proud of her! I'm just not sure why she can do this with a smile on her face, but still struggles with having her hair washed! What seems to work now is when she is having her bath, we pretend it is swim class and I have to pretend that I'm her swimming instructor ("Emma") and Grace is the best kid in the class who shows the other "kids" (various bath toys) how to get their hair wet.
Poor Edie just gets a bucket dumped over her head.
Website of the day: http://homes.mainetoday.com/homecare/050724bugs.shtml
Still trying to control those mosquitos!

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