Friday, May 05, 2006

I really missed my girls yesterday. I vowed after work to spend some quality time with them and have fun (instead of barking orders and running the tight ship that I like to usually run). When I went to pick them up at daycare, Edie was still sleeping, and the whole daycare was a-buzz with excitement due to the power outage (hey, there is NOTHING more exciting to a four year old than having lights, t.v., music all go out at the same time.....). Grace was in no mood to go home yet with all this going on! Needing some love, I poked Edie until she woke up - at least she seemed happy to see me! When I did finally get the troops home, we all dressed up as princesses (Jo excluded, though invited to) enjoyed a nice meal at Uncle Gordon's table and took a beautiful walk before bedtime. It was a hoot watching Grace in her princess gown (tucked into her underwear so it wouldn't get dirty) motoring down on her bike - she is like this fierce little princess/warrior these days, a real study in personality. Poor Jonas keeps introducing these crazy tricks for Grace that require much effort on his part - his back is just killing after these walks!
I also went for a great run last night while Jo choralled the girls to bed - it was great, except for the mentally challenged man who kept trying to corner me....oh well, made me run faster and get a better work out.
Will try and post pictures this weekend.

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