Monday, May 15, 2006

I hope all my Mom friends out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! Grace certainly felt Mother's Day should be like a birthday - with lots of cake, candy and loot bags - such a thoughtful little girl!
We had a pretty good weekend, lousy weather aside. Yesterday, I brought Edie to her swim "lesson" (honestly, can you call singing "Ring Around the Rose-y" and splashing the water a lesson? I think Jo and I could have pulled that one off on our own, without writing a cheque!)
My chest looks like I was attacked by a tiger with all the scratch marks from Edie's sharp little nails. I brought Grace along too so she could watch, and watch she did - she stood about an inch away from the water the whole lesson and never took her eyes off Edie - it's like she didn't trust me and was ready to jump in and save Edie at the first sign of a problem!
Grace and I then went out for a mother daughter lunch and museum outing. I took her to my favourite restaurant, The Green Door, a vegetarian eatery, and I'm not sure if she could have said any louder "Where are the hotdogs???" - she was a good sport though and sampled a few wierd looking things, but ended up mostly grazing on some bread.
We then went to the Museum of Science and Technology. Now, for those of you who now Grace, you know that it is hard to get her to sit still for any length of time. I finally found something that caught her attention - Cryogenics. Yup, Grace sat for a full half hour, completely in awe of a lecture and demonstration of cryogenics. Weird eh? She was by far the youngest audience member, and was shouting out answers (maybe not the right ones, but good for her for trying!)
On our return home, we hooked up with Jo and Edie (looking more and more like Einstein everyday with her Hair) and prepared for our Mothers Day dinner guests.
Edie has discovered her party smile, and pulls of the fakest, work-the-room smile you have ever seen. She's starting to pull that one out more and more - she has us wrapped around her little (very little!) finger! Her naps are way too short, but she is so much fun to have around, it's not such a bad thing (exept when she starts falling over and stumbling because she's so tired!)

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