Thursday, August 07, 2008

So, grocery shopping tonight, I forgot the damn bins and enviro bags. I ALWAYS forget them. Then I buy more enviro bags, and now I have a kajillion of them, sitting in the back of the mini-van, with severe complexes, wondering why I always forget about them. Anyhooo, tonight I decided to stick it to Mother Nature a little bit (she is causing all this rain after all) and go with old fashioned grocery bags. Then at the check out, I saw them peeking out at me. Not white plastic bags, no non no no, I saw some kick ass, old school, pulpey smelling paper bags. I semi-whispered to the check out girl "paper please". She looked at me like I knew something, like I belonged to a secret society, a secret society that knows about the paper bag option. My groceries neatly fit into 4 strong, minimalist paper bags. I ran from the store, worried that the manager might see me, and realize the horrible mistake that was made, in letting a mere civilian get away with these precious paper bags.

I loaded up the van, screeched out of the parking lot, and now the fun begins.

GAAACKKK! Do you remember how much freaking fun paper bags can be? Hellloooo, you can turn them into masks, if you are 3 yrs old you can turn them into full body suits. You can decorate them with stickers, you can tape streamers to them. You can draw HILARIOUS faces on them, you can twirl ribbon and tape it on top and make hair. You can stick pipe cleaners in them and make pokey hair and fake eyelashes. You can glue tinfoil on them and make robot heads (or, again, if you are 3, a whole robot body). There is no end to the fun!

Betcha you all wanna be at Meanie's house this weekend for some paper bag fun!

On a more serious note, what is the bigger crime now, using paper bags and killing trees, or using plastic ones that will sit in a landfill til the end of time? Just curious on what the latest is.


Sam said...

I would have to say the paper bad would be the better choice since they can be recycled. Where when the plastic ones are done they go in the garbage.

Beach Buddies & Gimli Playgroup said...

I am getting paper next time. They sound like so much fun. Thank you! We will be having a paper bag party at my house on Saturday. Whooohoo!

alison said...

Next time I leave the envirobags hanging from a hook in the front hall, I'll get the paper instead of plastic. Cause that sounds like too much fun for the girls.

Unless it's raining. Then the plastic ones are less apt to weaken, break, and spill the cans onto your feet. So that pretty well rules out paper bags in Ottawa this summer.

meanie said...

hey alison and jannet - let's have a little fun with this - let's post pictures of our (ahem, i mean our kids) creations!

~Jobthingy~ said...

alison is so right.. no paper for the Odoters.

i LOVE the smell of paper bags!

dont forget they make great book covers also

xup said...

And, paper bags are also great for those one-night stands that have been working out but are otherwise not much to look at. Okay, now I've lost the esteem and respect of all mommy bloggers.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

If you only knew how much energy I put towards answering questions like that, in my head, you'd have me committed!