Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A nice story.

Last night Jo got a phone call. It was someone from a local drug/alcohol rehabilitation centre looking to sell a raffle ticket to raise money for the centre. Normally we don’t give money via phone or at the door. We have our system for dealing with charitable contributions that we are comfortable with. Well, this fellow was pretty personable and Jo got to chatting with him. He had our address from a mailing list and mentioned that he used to live in our area. He mentioned to Jo that he had a 4 year-old daughter with whom he was trying to establish a relationship with. That he is trying to mend things with own parents, especially his dad. That he has been clean, sober and cigarette free for 6 months now. Jo knew exactly who this kid and who was talking to. He was our old neighbor from our last neighborhood. He was pretty bad ass, but also kind and respectful to our family. Not so much to his own though. In fact, when we lived there, his parents looked completely defeated and consumed by him. And he brought some pretty scary characters through his parents home – never infringing on us, but scary nonetheless. I had pretty much written this kid off, thinking he was too far gone, and too “cool” to ever consider him rehabilitating himself. But, he is. I know the stats aren’t that great for recovery in addiction, but I hope he does it. At least a seed has been planted.

Jo bought a ticket.


~Jobthingy~ said...

good on him for cleaning himself up

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Great story - great ending!

xup said...

You'd be surprised how many addicts can turn their lives around. It just talks a moment or a word or a touch to make that decision to take the first step. And you never know when you're the person to provide that moment, touch or word -- so it's always a good thing to do SOMETHING -- no matter how trivial it may seem at the time.