Monday, August 11, 2008

Last night, this Meanie:

went to see this man:

But it felt like this kid:

was seeing her hero, all over again.

I love it when someone/something makes me feel 14 again.


A. & J. said...

your one hip mama!

~Jobthingy~ said...

im jealous.

and youre in Odot?

marymurtz said...

I loved this! I remember in high school, my friends and I all taught my then-four-year-old nephew to do the whole sneer and fist shake to the music. It was hilarious!

And now, that nephew is almost 30 years old. Gawd.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya. A couple of years back I went to see Ozzy Osborne at the Scotia Bank Centre Ottawa (then it was called the Paladium I believe). I had always loved him in highschool but my mom would never allow me to a rock concert. Anyhow, as I was saying, I finally was old enough to see him. Hubby and I went, loved the show but I think I was the only stone cold sober person in the arena and the only one wearing pink. It was very cool nonetheless.