Sunday, August 31, 2008

And I'm back.

5 days in the TdotOdot. Did we have fun? Oh yeah. C'mon, a day at the zoo (my highlight, the baboon - the girls' highlight, ice cream and waterpark); a day at Ontario Place (my highlight watching the girls' faces on the waterslide, their highlight, ice cream); a day revolving around navigating around Toronto to get to the CN Tower (my highlight, Jo and I getting f*&*ed out of $100 to see Toronto from high up; the girls' highlight getting as much swag as possible from my brothers' store); a day at Niagara Falls (my highlight getting real live mist on face from the Falls; I suspect the girls' had the same highlight, though we did have some pretty damn good ice cream at the end of the day) and a day caught in real, genuine Toronto long weekend traffic. There just aren't enough highlights to list about that :)

And so, we are home. And it is awesome to be home. The girls were actually quite homesick when we were away, which kind of sucked, but at the same time makes me warm and fuzzy inside because it confirms that they do love the home we have created for them and, even when presented with so much fun and excitement and Kraft Dinner, they still long for what they know.

Let me itemize what sucks about being home:

1) Ragweed. My abs literally ache from all the sneezing I've been doing, and I'm pretty sure my cop friend is questioning our friendship because I look so freaking red eyed and high all the time.

2) Insomnia. A week off is great, but with the return to work looming around the corner, I can't help but think of all the work and deadlines waiting for me. Allergies don't help, and Jo's strange not-a-snore sound he makes when sleeping doesn't help either. Huh.

3) Housework. When away from home, the house doesn't get dirty. Within five minutes of being home, I have dustbunnies mocking me, Leggo multiplying like a bad virus, and I'm pretty sure that everyone on my block is secretly dropping their laundry off at my house for me to do it. I'm just so sleep deprived, they can totally get away with it.

4) Back to school shopping. Why the hell can't I buy #2B pencils? No store carries just #2 pencils. And seriously, do no tell an ex-punk rocker what brand of pencil crayons/erasers/glue sticks to buy. That stinks of....I'm too tired to think of the work. It's like capitalist nepotism or something.

Okay, I think I've cured my insomnia for the night. Well, if your're reading this, I'm sure I've cured yours.

Other than that, it's nice to be home.


A. & J. said...

Ragweed! That must be it. A. hasn't stop sneezing since Thursday. Poor guy. Maybe I can convince him to go somewhere else for a couple of days to relax.

A. & J. said...

Oups! I ment to add that it sounds like you had fun. I can't wait to check out the zoo at some point. Might be trying to go in October. We'll see. :P

~Jobthingy~ said...

the ragweed is brutal this year. i blogged about it myself.

i cant believe the schools telling parents the 'brand' to buy. i have yet to encouter this personally but i ahve been at friends houses and happen to glance a the list on the fridge that says 'crayola markers' and i actually saw 'please no dollar store items'

i would like them to tell me that. i would tell them to lick my ass.

i am sure the day will come. it is a blog post waiting to happen.

glad you had a good vaca! and the girls enjoyed the.. um.. ice cream

alison said...

Sounds like you had a fun time in TO too. Yeah, we paid much too much to go up in the CN Tower as well. Oh, and don't you love how when you get off the elevator back at the bottom, you have to go through a souvenir shop to get out of the building?

We loved Ontario Place, though. We went on a Tuesday afternoon and it wasn't crowded at all. The kids barely had to wait 5 minutes for any ride. It was sweet.

Next time I want to take them to the zoo. Glad you're all home and happy.

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