Monday, August 18, 2008

Meanie’s Monday
Things I don’t like:

These new 100 calorie snack bags. If there are 100 calories in those little bags I’ve been consuming an easy 1000 calorie snack per snack attack.

Slow walkers. I don’t get it. Unless you have something preventing you from picking up the pace a little bit, I just don’t understand why one would choose to walk like a turtle on valium.

HomeSense picture frames or any glassware from there for that matter. They always put the price on the glass and it leaves an impossible, sticky residue behind.

The smell of my dishcloth when it gets “ripe”.

People who get excited over a spelling error when it’s obvious it was a typo “ummmm you spelled this wrong, Meanie” “oh really, gee, thanks for pointing that out, that is a vital part of our meeting today, pointing out spelling errors that mean absolutely nothing. Good thing we invited you here. Be sure to add that to the minutes Susan…” grrrrrr.

Being kneed in the stomach when I try to brush Edie’s teeth. They ain’t abs of steel y’know kiddo.

My hair when it is freshly washed. It needs a day or two to acclimatize and get drrrrty to do it’s thing.

People who say “Can I bug you?” What is the answer to this?

Hot dogs. Just don’t like them. They make my burps taste funny.

Donuts. I always feel like I’m scraping lard off the top of my mouth after I eat them (though I keep on testing for some reason).

Deodorizers used to cover up the poo-smell in public restrooms. You can still smell the poo, but you get the headache inducing stench of cheap perfume along with it.

That’s it for today. Next time maybe I’ll list things I like.

*i love this picture. i wish i could give credit where credit is due, but i just don't know where i found it!


~Jobthingy~ said...

oh i HATE those deodorizers. they all have the same nauseating smell. blech

A. & J. said...

I'm feeling a little like this today too. Getting a list together of all my pet peeves. Ugh. It's just one of those months.

xup said...

I don't much like the poo smells in public washrooms either, but poo and deodorizer is definitely worse. The washrooms at work always smell like poo and a big variety of perfumes. I hate it in there.

myhyenaflewaway said...

just passing through...

i agree about the hair comment! i hate my hair right after i wash it because it's just dry and doesn't do anything vital.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

LMAO - make your burps taste funny!