Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Karma baby!

Bear with me, this is a story about Karma – potentially yawn inducing to some, but will make some think twice about missing an opportunity to do a good deed.

We were returning from cottage country late Monday afternoon – a little(lot) hungover, tired and dirty. Just itching to get home and get re-settled. As we were barreling down the dirt road, we saw a huge transport truck (highly unusual for this road) pulled over. We stopped and asked him what’s up, and he was looking for an address. We told him it was just down yonder, and went on our way. For about two minutes. Before we realized that there was no way our big truck driving friend would make it down the road, and there would be no way for him to turn around his big ass truck. He would be screwed. Jo and I looked at each other and gave each other the nod to turn around and tell him so (much to the girls excitement, “What’s going on? Where are we going? Who is that man? Are we going back to the cottage? Can I have a cracker?”) We caught up to him, pulled him over, told him to back his ass up and get a smaller truck. After many thanks from him, we went on our separate ways…until we heard him honking and trying to pull us over. He let us know that we had a MASSIVE flat rear tire. With all cell phones/blackberries drained, and the rain starting to fall, Jo’s accountant hands were about to get intimate with a jack and a donut tire. That is, until a happy little man came bouncing out of the house we were stopped outside of. “Don’t worry about anything, I will take care of everything” were his exact words. Huh? Who is this dude? Turns out this dude was a licensed mechanic and was equipped to patch our tire (with his LAST patch I might add), refill it with the AIR COMPRESSOR he just happens to keep in his shed, and also find our, at this point, somewhat annoying children endearing because, alas, he just changed professions and became a school teacher for the JK to grade 5 demographic. How is that for Karma?

The patched tire should last us a few months (until September, when were planning on getting new ones).
Jo and I traveled home with a smile on our faces with thoughts of our good deed, and the good deed done to us.
The girls got their crackers.


XUP said...

Well, by jiggers, that sounds like a Hallmark movie of the week in the making to me!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Karma never disappoints.

Jobthingy said...

good on ya. karma is the bomb. and yay for crackers

alison said...

Deserving nice people (such as yourself) get blessed by the karma fairy. Deserving nasty people sometimes get hit by the karma bus. It tends to even out.