Friday, July 18, 2008

Sleep is being compromised in our house due to a sudden influx of monsters in our home. We have secured the house with deadbolts, closed windows, waved magic monster-away wands around, installed a monster laser (cleverly disguised as a Cinderella night-light) and they still manage to find their way in. They seem to prevail at 03:30 hrs. The one thing that seems to repel the monsters is our bedroom. Perhaps the sound of Jo’s snoring scares them, or the combined dragon breath of two adults keeps them away. Edie has discovered this safety zone and will not budge until the monsters retreat (approximately 07:30 hrs).
God help all you all.


XUP said...

What we did is spend a couple of hours creating a special monster repellant (water and a bunch of yucky stuff or nice stuff if your monsters are afraid of nice stuff) and put it in a spray bottle and sprayed it all around the areas where monsters are known to appear. Works great!

Jobthingy said...

took the words right out of my mouth xup.. ours was water and 'fairy dust' (sparkles) cause faries are nice and the monsters hate them.

sorry the monsters are pestering you now... be afraid, be very afraid

Beach Buddies & Gimli Playgroup said...

we used monster repellent. Spray bottle with monster Repellent written on it. a bottle filled with pretty smelling things. Spray down the bedroom and were ever monsters may hide. They hate the stuff. Keep bottle beside bed just in case.
Good luck.
We tell are kids that they are the monsters in the house. Also monsters don't like loud noises. So make lots of noise before bed it scares them away.