Friday, July 11, 2008

My reality versus their’s…

Their reality includes bounding out of bed in the morning with 11 hours of sleep tucked under their belt, ready to take on the day.My reality never involves bounding of any kind – it usually involves hitting the snoozebutton 5 times and never really feeling rested after a broken 7 hours sleep.

Their reality includes being thrilled with taking a “morning candy” (vitamin. My reality includes grabbing the Tylenol in the morning to ease a sore neck and/or back.

Their reality includes being tickled that they get to see their FWIENDS! at daycare and spend the whole day playing, laughing, singing, dancing and having fun. My reality includes going to work and, well, I don’t experience any singing, dancing OR playing! (hmmmm, maybe I should start?)

Their reality includes coming home and relaxing with their toys while their dinner is being made. My reality includes coming home and starting my second job of the day.

Their reality includes being bathed, having lotion applied by expert hands, sometimes having a light massage, having a book or two read to them, taking in a light snack, and finally, tucked into a bed with clean sheets, sometimes having to be convinced that going to bed is a good thing. My reality includes doing laundry, having a quick shower, sometimes shoving some chips into my mouth while watching bad reality t.v. and collapsing into bed, falling asleep mid-chapter.

Sigh. I wanna be a kid again.


-Girls dental appt. yesterday - no cavities! And no mention of Edie's soother habit. Phew, dodged the bullet again on that one. And, Grace won't have to go through this again, for now.

-I'm reading Memory Keeper's Daughter - GASP! what an intense book. I'd even rather read right now than watch bad reality t.v.

-Where have all the babysitters gone? We used to have a pretty good roster going, and now, try and find one for Saturday night, fuggedaboutit!


alison said...

We're living the same life, Meanie. Especially the second job thing. Sigh.

There is only a very small babysitting window for a parent to take advantage of: the girl (and they're usually girls) have to be old enough to be responsible but young enough not to have a more lucrative job in retail at the mall or a boyfriend that takes up all her time. You have about 2.5 years for your average babysitter. I cried when Becca (who's practically family, daughter of my BF) left for college last year. She was my overnight babysitter, and those are pearls beyond price.

Couldn't get into "Memory Keeper's Daughter". Skipped ahead to find out what was going to happen. Was disappointed in what I read. Gave up on it.

"The Time Traveller's Wife", however, had me glued to my chair until it was finished.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Great post.

LOVED that book, too!

And the "soother?" Both my kids had horrific overbites from those things, but when they stopped sucking on them (age 3) their teeth self corrected in no time. WAY better than a thumb!

Jobthingy said...

babysitter? whats that LOL

Speedy has one cap also. she calls it her silver tooth and thinks its pretty cool. LOL.

i keep telling her that its a baby tooth and its going to fall out one day. she thinks cause its silver she is going to get more money from the tooth fairy

meanie said...

alison - i wanted to cry the day i saw our regular sitter working at the local grocery store. we looked at each other and both knew it was over.

carrie - thanks for post compliment! how did your kids kick the soother habit?

jobthingey - we call them "princess teeth" in our ghetto :)

XUP said...

Meanie- I know a very responsible, experienced 15-year-old who would love to babysit.(my daughter) She's CPR/1st aid certified and everything. Email me at" and we can discuss to see if we're in the same neck of the woods and/or if the idea is feasible. I reckon she's good for at least 3 more years of babysitting availability.

Jannet said...

Read the Memory Keepers Daughter. It was alright. Read the Birth house. Very good.