Monday, July 07, 2008

Meanie’s Mondays

Okay, so with little to say, I have decided that on Mondays I will turn the spotlight on me and provide my fawning masses with details about moi. Because I will run out of things to say about myself in, oh, about 2 installments, I welcome you ask questions about me that may be keeping you up at night.

And so, let us being what will surely be a timeless classic. Welcome to Meanie’s Monday First Installment: The Tale of Schultzie.

My nickname is Schultzie. I have been lovingly referred to as Schultzie for about 33 years now. This nickname came about when a show I have never seen before was popular on t.v., called Hogan’s Heroes. Apparently, there was a fat, bald general named Schultz. And, because at two years old, I bore a striking resemblance to this General Schultz, the family thought it fitting that they call me Schultzie. A bout with bulimia and a few hair plugs later, I have come to terms with this nickname (KIDDING!) However, the nickname stuck, and even my husband rarely calls me Meanie, (only if he’s REALLY mad) and he has turned it into his own Yiddish version, calling me Yultzie (and no, he’s not even Jewish).

And so, that is the story of my nickname.

Mazel Tov!


XUP said...

You've never seen Hogan's Heroes? What a very, very sad gap in your otherwise full, full life.

Jobthingy said...

'A bout with bulimia and a few hair plugs later, I have come to terms with this nickname'

ROFL! dying over here

Anonymous said...

Apparently? You've never seen the show? Wow.

Hey, it's a cute nickname. It could be lots worse. My dad used to call me Thunder --TT for short. I was 13.

alison said...

I'm with Alissa -- my dad used to call me Igor. Seriously.

I remember when you first started commenting on my blog I was confused, as some comments were tagged as Schultzie and some as Meanie. For a while, I thought I had more commenters than I actually did. :-)

alison said...

Oh yeah, and since I am, you know, ancient, I used to watch Hogan's Heroes when it was in reruns. Schultz was a seargent, working for Colonel Klink at the prison camp.