Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A few weeks ago I went into Town Shoes to “browse”. I should know myself well enough by now that by browse I mean buy. And I did find a sweet little number that made my heart skip a beat, were comfy and would fill that gap in my shoe wardrobe that I always convince myself that I have (the gap never seems to close). I slipped one on and he sales woman cooed, the gal beside me trying on Puma’s told me they looked great and when the cartoon birds and chipmunks brought me the second shoe, my feet were magically transformed. I looked a the price tag, it was totally do-able.
I had a quick question for the sales lady though, about quality. Excuse me miss, I didn’t catch the make of these, could you tell me? Why yes dear, they are by Jessica Simpson.



How did this cat:

go from being badass, to wearing HER

shoes on my feet?

Well, I obviously got over it and bought the shoes, but note to Britney Spears – don’t even try bitch, I’m not buying.

(the shoes are cute though, right?)


XUP said...

Very cute! To put your mind at ease, I'm sure Jessica just has a staff of designers who create these things so she can stamp her name on them. She's probably never even visited the studio or the factory where they're made and wouldn't recognize the actual designer if she tripped over him/her in the street

Nat said...

Terribly cute....

I was going to say what XUP said. She probably never seen those shoes.

Rob said...

I'll never understand the thing women have with shoes...........

I like you combat boots better!


kia (good enough mama) said...

The shoes are totes cute.

As for the JS thing? I totally almost bought a pair but resisted! I just. couldn't. do it.

The Skupe said...

LUV the shoes... and are those our super funky corduroy pants from small shop in somewhere, ontario??? I get comments everywhere I go when I wear them. They are my new super-pant. Want them in every colour!