Monday, July 27, 2009

Yesterday was completely void of television. It was filled with doing volcano experiments, reading books, doing puzzles, dashing outside when the sun was shining and dashing inside when the heavens poured rain.
It involved a drive out to Nanny and Grandads house where we played Battleship, poked at the frog who lives in my parents pond. It involved strolling through the garden, looking at the beautiful specimens my parents have so lovingly tended to for the past 35 odd years. The girls picked different varieties of mint leaves, crushed them in their little hands and inhaled and marveled over the aroma. They also cooed over the baby zucchinis with their giant yellow flower hats. There were giggles when Grandad pretended to stab himself slowly with a pen and more shrieks when he dramatically removed his thumb (he’s so full of tricks that guy!) There was peace and quiet on the deck when Nanny brought out some snacks, juice boxes and beer.
Later, dinner at home was a quiet affair, outside on the bistro, none of us very hungry, but happy to sit and chatter away about nothing in particular (Edie is particularly adept at that).
There was laughter after bath time when we ran outside and played one of Grace’s complicated games (involving a dump truck you pedal, a pink princess ball, and Edie charging down the driveway in the truck yelling Tractor coming! Tractor coming! all while wearing her best Tinkerbell gown while Grace tried to headbut the ball in the truck loader). Then there were shouts of glee when Jo came home earlier than expected.

There were a lot of shitty things that happened yesterday too, that I won’t get into here. But I’m glad to be able to hold on to the good.


XUP said...

Sounds like a nice day! Did you stay away from all electronics or just the TV?

XUP said...
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meanie said...

XUP - hopped on the 'puter when the girls were falling asleep. that is my next challenge - to unplug as much as possible when at home.

Nat said...

Volcano experiments??? You are the coolest mom ever!

No screens days are great fun, one of the reasons I'm looking forward to camping next week.

mare ad mare said...

Good ol grandads - I can't wait to be one someday! (but not anytime soon)
and thanks for the reminder - must put beer in fridge in the off-chance that it's actually nice outside this afternoon and I can enjoy one on the deck!