Thursday, July 02, 2009

I bought the most beeeeuuutiful shoes on Monday. I am writing about them because I just took them off to put on my sneaks for my lunch time constitutional and I think I actually cried a little when I took them off. I must take a picture and post for you all to see. I would be torn if I was to ever made to choose between a child o mine and these shoes. They are just that Awesome.

I am finding it difficult to find things to blog about these days – p’raps I should do a shoe blog. An entry for each pair of shoes I own, going back to my combat boots from the mid-1980’s. What do you think? Most of them have a story (or two) to tell.


Lynn said...

I wrote a short series on shoes I've worn to weddings, and it was great -- it was so easy to write about and turned into some of my favourite posts.

I always, always love to read about shoes. More shoe posts, please!

xup said...

A shoe blog series would be great fun! Go for it. There have to be photos for each post, though.

Beth said...

Great shoes are hard to come by.

Hannah said...

LOL. I love that video!
"I think you have too many shoes"
"Shut up!"