Friday, July 10, 2009


And your Mother wears combat boots....

Well, I haven’t put them on for awhile, but these babies are probably the ones that could talk the most.

I purchased these little drill boots after I decided to commit whole heartedly to the punk scene. After a trip to the army surplus at the age of 12, nothing else graced my feet for the next 3 years. This was a time of much drama in my life, not fitting in here, not fitting in there, experimenting with this and that. It was also a time when doc marten boots were becoming popular, but if you wore them you also risked getting rolled for them. Terrified of this prospect, I remained satisfied with my steel toe boots, polishing them up diligently on a daily basis.

These boots got me out sticky situations (I kicked a guy in the berries who was trying to have his way with me). They clocked quite a few miles (I once walked to Manotick from Hog’s Back after a night of excess). They got me made fun of. They made me feel tough. I felt complete with my boots, like they were part of me, part of my uniform. Even when I gave in to my mom BEGGING me to wear something nice for a special event, those boots would top the outfit.

They collect dust now, but when I look at them I am overwhelmed with the memories they bring back. All at once I am nostalgic for the good times, sad for the lonely girl who wore them and mad at certain memories.

I’ll never throw these puppies out, and will likely insist that my girls wear them on their first dates.


Lynn said...

I can't believe you still fit into shoes you've had since you were 12.

And that they're still totally wearable.

Have them bronzed!

Nat said...

I had to ditch all my footwear after I had The Boy because I went up a size. Ack.

"My mother wears army boots and she's been known to kick boys in the goodies..."

XUP said...

Oh no, your poor girls! At least in my teen years I lived in my buffalo sandals which apparantly are sort of cool.

Jen said...

Karen I have read your blog often but this post was the one that I could relate to the most. Not because I wore combats as well, (I didn't but my brother did) but because it makes one relate to the things in their childhood/teenage years that make us who we are today. Loved it. I would have loved to have known you when you were a punk but you probably would have kicked my penny loafer loving ass! LOl

Hannah said...

It sounds like you and I were as similar teenagers-I loved combat boots and liked to dress 'goth'. I got made fun of too and was lonely, but I thought I looked great. Its fun to express yourself.:)