Thursday, August 06, 2009

warning: swearing

so i went to social distortion last night in montreal at the medley. let me get my walking stick out and put my dentures in kids. i have seen this band 5 times in my life. in ottawa and toronto. never in montreal. mother fucker, montreal pissed the hell out of me last night. i have never seen such a disrespectful motherfucking annoying audience than i did last night. mike ness even had to shush the audience at one point when he was trying to introduce a new tune. all the times i have seen this band the audience treated them with reverence, it is a rare fucking treat to see these guys live in this neck of the woods. this audience just fucking loved to hear themselves talk. all jo and i could hear was bleah bleah bleah of the people around us. i really tried to not let it ruin my evening, but it was hard. and nobody could stay in one spot...people wandering back and forth, spilling beer, yelling at each other etc etc.
gawd, i'm old, i'm cranky, but for fuck's sakes montreal, go to a pub and talk at each other, not to the church of mike ness.
mother fuckers.


XUP said...

The problem with going out to public events is that there is usually so much of the public in attendance -- and most of the general public are areseholes. I even hate going to movies these days because you never know what kind of crowd you're going to get.

Nat said...

Odd because Montreal crowds are usually in to it... and yeah, it totally would have pissed me off to, if they didn't want to see and appreciate the band, then why go?