Monday, August 10, 2009

My John Hughes memory….

Wow. Lots of icons dying.

I was a John Hughes fan, with Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club being my faves. I could, and still can, watch these movies over and over again. I used to pour over every single detail of these movies, from the wardrobes, dance techniques, vocabulary used and hairstyles. I longed to dance like Ferris Bueller in the streets to “Twist and Shout”; I wanted to find my own Judd Nelson to press my diamond earring into his leather glove. I wanted to work in a record store just like the one in Pretty in Pink, and have someone like Ducky to pine over me. I day dreamed to the soundtracks of the movies (all of which I own on vinyl, thank you very much!) Everything about these movies I wanted, and probably attempted to emulate in one fashion or another.

When I started university, a very small school in a very small town, I guess I stood out a little. There weren’t too many “alternative” girls there and it was predominantly a football/rugby school filled with jocks and sorority girls. I did find my place there though, and had tons of fun. With Hughes death I was reminded of the nickname given to me my first year there. Molly. The odd friendship that developed between me and a group of footballers gave way to the nickname. They said I reminded them so much of Molly Ringwald in those movies that they took to calling me Molly all the time, never referring to me by my real name. Even today when I occasionally bump into one of these guys, they still greet me as Molly.

After Hughes death I watched these movies, and can’t help but smile and feel proud that I reminded these friends of the iconic figure of the 80’s that Hughes had created. Kinda silly, but still really kinda nice.


Anonymous said...

Awww, very cool story and nice little tribute to an 80s icon. You actually always remind me of a more casual version of Julie Andrews when she was young, though. But Julie not as cool a name as Molly. Why didn't you name one of your girls Molly?

alison said...

I ♥ The Breakfast Club too. RIP John Hughes.