Tuesday, April 08, 2008


So last night I was flying solo with the girls as Jonas was out for the evening. After baths and showers and logging in some couch time watching WonderPets (I freaking love this show!) it was bedtime. Off we marched. I run pretty tight ship at bedtime and in general, it works quite well. While one is on the toilet, the other has her teeth brushed and then SWITCH! After bathroom duties are done, the girls hope on the “train” (a blanket that gets dragged on the floor) and they are deposited into their bedrooms. Last night had one little glitch. My stomach dropped a little when Edie said “Where’s my Lambey?” Lambey is always in her bed, waiting to welcome her to a good night’s sleep. Only, Lambey wasn’t there. Lambey has been with Edie since the day she was born, and no sleep action has ever occurred without Lambey. A quick comb of the house turned up nothing. I called Jo on his cell phone and his sheepish “he’s in my car” made me feel a little sick. Edie was going to have to try and go cold-turkey without her little friend. I tried substitutions (no Ruby!) I tried trickery (this is Lambey’s brother!). I actually made Grace cry by taking one of her stuffies and lending it to Edie (“but that is my most specialist stuffie ever!) I tried lying down with Edie, and my hair was literally soaked by her tears. I invited Grace in to the bed, to see if big sister might be a calming force. But Edie just kept popping up, and because she was wearing a sleeveless nightie, she looked like a little-girl version of Marlon Brando wearing a wife-beater, only instead of crying Stella! into the night, she was crying Lambey! instead.
Finally, after an hour had passed, and Grace wasn’t able to fall asleep with all the drama, and Edie showing no signs of calming down, I did the unthinkable. I called Jo home. Now, I have dealt with a lot on my own, colicy babies, high temperatures, projectile vomiting…you name it. Never did this somewhat seasoned mom think I would ever call my husband home for a stuffed animal. Funny thing is, Jo realized the importance of Lambey and came home without any questions asked. The house was quiet again within five minutes of him being home.

I am in awe of the power of Lambey.

.....ummm, any similar stories would be welcome to alleviate any fears I have that Edie isn't, y'know, a little obsessive compulsive or somethin'


alison said...

One word. Biddy. Biddy is Rae's blanket. I don't know if my mom knew what she was creating when she crocheted it for the lump in my belly that would turn out to be Rachel, but Rae does. not. sleep. without. Biddy. Period. It's the first thing that I check has been packed when we leave for or return from vacation. When the girls go to their dad's overnight, it has to be available. So I don't think Edie is OC.

Love the Marlon Brando comparison. Very good visual. Glad that Jo understood and came home. Some things are just necessary.

Meg said...

Not to worry....I have been witness to the complete and total unravelling of my friend's 24-month-old son when he could not find his "Toots." Never have I seen such a full-blown meltdown; meth addicts have better control over themselves in rehab! Apparently, children develop fierce devotion to a specific object and most would have had the exact same reaction.

Chantal said...

We have Bunny here. He has been Erin's since the day she was born.

We flew to Florida without him in 2004. We had to have Grandpa drive to our house, BREAK IN (because the neighbours with the key were at work) and Fed Ex Bunny to us.

Feel better?

MeanMommyDoc said...

Not OCD at all-- just a perfectly normal toddler. Promise.

zoom said...

James had Bunny, and he knew I knew he couldn't sleep without him. When he was about three Bunny went missing at bedtime. James and I searched *everywhere*. No bunny. James didn't seem too distressed though; he seemed to be content staying up all night to search for Bunny.

Eventually I found Bunny. In the vegetable crisper drawer of the fridge. Turned out James had hidden him there just to delay bedtime.

Bunny still exists, by the way. He's mine now. I love him. Whatever you do, be sure to hang onto Lambey forever.