Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I hate to wait.....
I have knots the size of a golf ball in my shoulder and I’m waiting for a referral from a doctor for a good physiotherapist/masseuse. My original doctor (who I’m dumping) is mean and wants to charge me $20 for a referral…so I am now waiting to see if a nice new doctor will accept me as a patient…I will then have to wait for an appointment with her…. I will then have to wait for an appointment with whoever she refers me to….I may look like a hunchback by the time I get treated!

My groovy haircut has turned into bad 90’s Whitesnake haircut and my hair dresser is off getting married/honeymooning….anybody have a car I can spread my body out on???

Grace’s reward for conquering her night demons is a Baby Alive doll (she poops! She pees! Yaaaayyyyy) and I’m buying one off of Kijijij, if the person ever replies to me…..

Jonas is making me a surprise present for either Mother’s Day or our wedding anniversary and I am tearing out my Whitesnake hair trying to figure out what it is…..

Edie has decided that she likes to get into her car seat herself thankyouverymuch….do you know how long it takes a just turned three year old to adjust herself just-so in her car seat? Arrrrghhhhh!

I’m no so sure that the stress management workshop my boss made me attend was all that effective after-all.


alison said...

Well, my car is kind of a compact, so if you can writhe in a limited area, be my guest. But leave the stilettos off, they'll scratch the paint.

Sorry to hear about the shoulders, I hope you're feeling better soon. Can't your dr just write you a prescription for theraputic massage? There's no cost to write a scrip. Then you can go to any licenced RMT and you'll be able to submit the bill to your health plan. You're Fed Gov't too, right?

Yay for Grace! Rae desperately wants a Baby Alive doll, but I've dealt with enough diapers in my life already, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, and I'm not ignoring your message via Facebook. In their wisdom, IT here at worked has blocked Facebook Inbox. I can still see profiles, but not check the inbox, and I was too tired last night to turn on the computer at home.

Anonymous said...

We can do a little 90s-inspired photoshoot with you and your Whitesnake hair on my motorcycle... Give it to Jonas for an anniversary present! H.O.T.

- Your friendly neighbourhood curator

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Would it upset you very much to know I am LOL? I'm going to hold the image of cartwheeling on cars all day! And that HAIR. Lord. Have. Mercy.

Anonymous said...

Tawny Kitaen should be everyone's muse...!

-Your friendly neighbourbood curator