Friday, April 18, 2008

.......but can I keep them????
Good things:

Both girls have slept through the night two nights in a row now. This calls for a trip to the dollar store to buy some made in China treats to celebrate and congratulate.

I’m going to Montreal tonight. With my husband. With no kids. Whoot! On the way home, Jo said we MAY be able to stop at H&M. I only need an hour there to do all the pent up shopping I have in me right now.

It’s going up to 24 degrees Celsius today.

Grace asked if we could listen to the Clash in the car yesterday.

At dinner the other night, we were playing “I’m going to the store and I’m going to buy….” and when it was Edie’s turn, she said she was going to by me Social Distortion. Where am I going to put them all?

I was called Miss yesterday instead of the usual Ma’am.

Have a great weekend everyone.


alison said...

Yay on all counts! Especially the trip to Montreal. I'm all kinds of green with jealousy. Edie is just too cute.

Oh, and since I don't have your email, I Facebooked you. That sounds kinda dirty, doesn't it. Check your Inbox...

alison said...

So how was Montreal????