Thursday, April 05, 2007

Don't envy me and my movie star life....

You want to know what I did yesterday? I did laundry and for extra points I put the laundry away; I mopped the floor of the entire house; I put away winter jackets and boots; I went out for lunch by myself and read my book and I got a snazzy new hair cut. All of these accomplishments excited me to no end. How sad is that. I remember when fast cars and Mike Ness used to make my stomach go a-flutter. And now the thought of eight hours sleep and clean sheets is enough to make me hyperventilate.

Oh well, at least I haven't completely given up on life and bought my self a pair of these (Thanks to Carmenfor bringing my attention to this hilarious SNL clip!)

Have a great long weekend - don't eat all of your kids' Easter Candy (I already have to replace what I originally bought the girls!)

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Chantal said...


I ate a whole bunny yesterday. (After the gym!)

Happy Easter!