Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Barrymore's makes a damn good Whiskey Sour. Too good.

While some people went to Mass to celebrate this thing called Easter, I went to Barrymore's for Eighties Night. Oh ma Gawd, it was so much fun. From 9:00 till 2:30, I danced up a storm with my peeps, feeling all girly-girly and hyper whenever a great song came on. I lost my voice from too much yelling (Oh my God I love this song!); I pickled my innards with too many Zambuka shots and Whiskey Sours, I feel like I did a kajillion leg presses from all the dancing I did; I smoked one too many cigarettes, 2 to be exact (we'll see how the run goes today with a little added gunk coating my lungs); I'm sure I embarrassed myself to no end by shaking my junk to "I like big butts"; I arrived in a minivan and left in a cab; I went to bed 5 1/2 hours past my bedtime and slept in two hours later than I normally get up.

I have to do this more often.....


Chantal said...

Sounds like a blast!

Maybe THAT is where we should have the next meetup!?

alison said...

Sounds like a riot! It sure brings back memories.

And it sounds like you could relate to at least some of these: