Thursday, January 05, 2012

I am either the worst parent in the world, or the best. And I'm really not sure which it is.

My kids love me. They adore me. And I have discovered since being a homemaker, and being home with them over the Christmas "holidays" (the word holiday to a stay at home mom, is just effing cruel), that my children really dig me. They like me so much that I can barely raise an eyebrow without them asking me "what are you doing why did you do that are you leaving the room? can i do what your doing? i'll just sit here with you do you want play a game? i'll go outside if you go outside, what should I wear today you pick it out! do you like this show I'll like it if you like get the picture. They have made friends in the hood and at school, which is great, but at the end of the day they want me. I should be eating this up. I should be tickled that they adore me so much. But I hesitate to think it is because they think that I Am The Best. I think I traumatized them somewhere along the way and they fear abandonment for some reason. I can't remember abandoning them ever, and no, weekly date nights don't count. But they seem angsty when they think I'm going disappear on them. I don't drink THAT heavily that I would have accidentally abandoned them somewhere, so where is this coming from? I can't blame the move, because they have always kind of been this way, but I'm noticing it ten-fold now that I am home with them. Huh. June Cleaver or Mommy Dearest? I really don't know which tattoo to get.


Mandy said...

Sounds like you really screwed them up.
Just kidding :P

I think it's awesome that you've stepped out of the gov world and into the real world. I think the fact that you made that choice at all is proof of your good mommy-ness.

And it could be the move a little, maybe they just haven't settled into their new surroundings and are relying on you a bit until they find their groove.

alison said...

Enjoy. Leah slept over at two different friends' houses on two consective nights this week without coming home in between and she was fine with the separation. Me? Not as fine with it. I missed her.

Lynn said...

Me too! This Christmas break they have been all over me. I actually just had this conversation with my youngest about a half hour ago:

Her: Mommy!
Me: I'm in the bathroom!
Her: (clomps down the hall)
Me: That was NOT an invitation to join me! That was an invitation to wait until I am finished!

And then she cried. DEAR LORD.

Nat said...

Boy's been uber clingy since Christmas and since his buddy's parents split up and his mom left... The Boy says it's had no impact on him at all, but dunno....

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

As a SAHM......welcome to my world.

I love 'em to bits it any wonder why when bedtime hits, I run to some "quiet" time with a bottle of wine??