Friday, March 26, 2010

lmshmp ciddhsfh adshf fsadhghui *chewing* gulp.

oh, excuse me.

what i was trying to ask is licorice allsorts - yes or no?

if yes, which little shape is your favourite one and why?

fdjasjfal fshgh shump *resumes chewing*


Stella said...

Oh God... YES! My top faves are the blue chewy ones with the little candy balls on the outside. Next are the mini chocolate sandwiches. Am I making any sense? Lest favourite.... The pink circles with the dry texture. I always try to pawn them off on someone else.

littleredhen said...

I like the round ones with the licorice in the centre and the pink coconutty(?) stuff around it. Why? I always liked that they were different and there were never many of them in the bag. Those sandwich ones are a dime a dozen.

alison said...

NO, no, no and no. And again, no. I despise licorice with the same intensity that you save for Nickelback.

Lara said...

Yes! I like the black cylinders with the white inside :)

XUP said...

Ha ha Alison. I haven't really had much of a yen for licorice lately. For a long time, actually. I used to sort of like Allsorts. And I never liked the coconut stuff. I've also never liked Nickelback.

meanie said...

stella - i love the mysterious little chewy ones with the balls on the outside. mmmmmmm

littleredhen - i always THINK those are my favourite, save them for the end and then realize shoot, they aren't my favourite.

alison - really? so what is your favourite candy (not counting chocolate?

lara - i like those two. i suck the licorice off to get to the icing.

xup - fresh allsorsts are the best. and for me, maltese balls are the nickelback of the candyworld for me.

The Mindful Merchant said...

I used to LOVE Marks and Spencers Allsorts. I love the blue candy balls and the pink circles with the licorice centre. In our home the solid black licorice pieces always go first...we fight for those pieces. Maltese balls and Thorntons toffee round out my faves.

alison said...

Hmmmm, other than chocolate, I'm not a candy person. But I loathe all things licorice-flavoured. I'll tell you my Sambuca story sometime.