Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Move over Corey.

Okay, you’ve heard of Bryan Adams, right? Well, when I was growing up, when Brian Adams was on the charts, so was Corey Hart. In my mind, we had to pick sides; we had to decide which one we liked. My little fist sized heart belonged to Corey Hart. Never Surrender made me cry, Boy in Box made me rock out (gawd, how embarrassing). I was that girl at his concert, booing Katrina and Waves off stage to make room for the Hart Attack (sorry Katrina, Walking on Sunshine really is a nice happy song!) I was also that girl who sobbed from the moment Corey walked on stage, prrrrrety sure he was singing to me (there was eye contact, I’m sure. And of course he would seek me out in the audience, what 20 something rock-star wouldn’t be looking for pre-pubescent pimply girl in rugby pants, sneakers and a paisley patterned sweatshirt? I mean come on!) And you can just imagine how I imploded when he threw a ball into the audience and I touched it. Sit with that for a moment, will you? I touched something Corey Hart touched. Girls around me touched my hand, the one that touched the ball, and cried because they had touched something that had touched something that Corey Hart had touched. It should be pretty clear now that there was NO time for Bryan Adams.

I recently picked up a record at Value Village by Bryan Adams called Reckless. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying it! It is pretty awesome. I have called up other Bryan Adam’s songs on the ‘puter and I’m really digging them! Of course there is some cheese that I just can’t stomach, and I definitely favour his early stuff over what he has produced in later years. His early stuff is the stuff I missed out on when I was worshipping the almighty spikey haired, sweaty Cory Hart. This is probably for the best. I’m not sure my pre-adolescent psyche could have handled two loves like that.

As an aside, I wonder, at 11 years old, what I was hoping for if Corey Hart had invited me back stage? Some intense hand-holding? Cuddling on the couch while watching Degrassi Junior High? I wasn’t yet even close to having any knowledge of what could transpire between man and woman (ahem).

Ahhhh innocence.

Who set your heart aflutter when you were still drinking milk at bedtime?

(I just know some people are going to make fun of for this confession!)


littleredhen said...

I was totally in love with Shaun Cassidy. Oh my, the way his blond hair feathered back from a centre part. Very sexy. And I watched all the Hardy Boys episode too.

Mis(s)Mannered Mom said...

I was definitely more Bryan Adams music wise than Corey Hart. Though, Corey Hart was cuter. I remember listening to Platinum Blonde then, and Wham. And around 10/11 was when I was waaaaayyy too into Culture Club...and I think Duran Duran was in that time somewhere too.
This was after my Donnie Osmond phase.(I even had a barbie type doll of him. Yikes)

Pauline said...

I was in my tween years when the Seattle "grunge" scene exploded and was totally and completely in love with the drummer from Soundgarden. (And eventually many other guys in rock bands)
Something about leather jackets, plaid shirts and jeans plus musical talent really did it for me.

Nowadays, however, I'm more attracted to cleaner cut guys (like my hubby) who shower more than once a week! (ie. Aren't mentioned in the same sentence as the word 'grunge)

Lynn said...

I did the Duran Duran thing. Oh, so embarrassing. I hope someday I have sympathy for my daughters when they hit the same phase.

When I was in university, my friends and I used to have "Corey Hart Moments" which were times when we appreciated the fact that something was *not* happening -- the phrase comes from a moment when a friend of mine spontaneously appreciated the fact that Corey did *not* have a new album out.

So I guess we were on the Bryan Adams side :).

XUP said...

I'm way, way older than you guys so my rock lovers were Elton John, Rod Stewart and Michael Jackson -- sort of in that order

Mama Gayle said...

When I was a pre-teen I was in love with a boy-group....New Kids on the Block.

I thought they were so cool, and I had every piece of merchandise they sold (would think all that was a WASTE now days!!).

Mama Gayle said...

When I was a pre-teen I was in love with a boy-group....New Kids on the Block.

I thought they were so cool, and I had every piece of merchandise they sold (would think all that was a WASTE now days!!).

Nat said...

My mother took me to see Corey Hart who was definitely a cutie, and he looked just like Daniel in my class who was just the dreamiest. Brian definitely had better songs though.

I won an autographed! Platinum Blonde poster form Good Rockin' tonight. I was so stoked. Mark Holmes was it!

Heard Cuts like a Knife on the radio the other day. Not a bad song really...
I'm old.

Andrea said...

ohmygod I TOTALLY remember the whatsideareyouon - Corey or Bryan. Was it just a Rideau Valley Middle School phenom, or was it everywhere.
I remember being torn, but coming down on Corey's side. (Never Surrender!)
Although Bryan Adam's Heaven (37 year old - shudder) sure was awesome.

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

I loved both Corey and Bryan. Still love listening to Bryan, not so much Corey. Summer of 69 is one of my ultimate favourite songs!

The Mindful Merchant said...

I loved Shawn Cassidy, then Duran Duran...and yes Cory Hart too. Sigh. Good times. Great post! (Anyone collect Tiger Beat magazines?)