Thursday, March 25, 2010


In true Meanie fashion, Edie has been in tears pretty much every morning this week because she wants to wear either a gown, tiara or carry a wand (or do all three at the same time) and we have said No! At the beginning of the school year, a letter was sent home, respectively asking parents to refrain from sending kids to school with toys/costumes. I totally get this, I can see the problems it could potentially cause (seriously, how many princesses can one JK class handle? How many lightsabers can be wielded until someone loses an eye (or at least until someone is lightly tapped by one, takes it the wrong way, and cries as if they have been stabbed by the most jagged of knives ever).

So, yesterday was no exception. And I was lucky enough to have the morning shift (gawd I hate the morning shift and long for my cubicle, coffee and silence). With Edie by hand (still teary from being banned of all things sparkly and ethereal), we walked into the daycare and lo and behold, did I not count 1, not 2, but 3 members of royalty happily having a most royal tea party. There was no mistaking that we were in presence of royalty, there were tiaras and sparkly dresses present – what more proof do you need? Edie’s eyeslashes must have grown an inch, and her tear ducts ramped up production needs as soon as she saw her peers in all their splendour. How could I deny her royal roots when her friends were allowed?

How indeed. I spoke with the daycare leader and asked her straight up what the fuck is the rule here because we certainly don’t need the drama at home if Edie is indeed allowed to express herself (I didn’t use the f-word, just in my imagination I did, all Goodfellas-like). The leader agreed with me and said she would speak with the other parents. And so, when I picked up my little charges yesterday, and hung out and talked with other parents while the kids played, there is no denying that I have officially caused Toygate 2010 at the school (Ihave not confessed my role in Toygate yet, I'm playing it cool).

Oops. But seriously, what would you do? Tell Edie to suck it up buttercup or do what I did and try and get down to the bottom of things?


Pauline said...

I would try and get to the bottom of things. Its not fair if some kids are allowed to dress up, while others aren't. I guess the other parents didn't read the letter.

Nat said...

That's not right. I mean if there is a no tiara rule, no tiaras. That's it, that's all. Toygate or not...

(Might also explain the drama with Edie, it probably seems doubly unfair when you say no and all the other kids get to where their royal attire.)

Lara said...

You totally did the right thing. And instead of telling the others to stop they simply could have told you to go ahead and let Edie wear the princess stuff. So maybe they just needed incentive to bring it up with

XUP said...

I agree with Lara. What the hell is the big deal about allowing kids to dress a bit imaginatively? Sure the light-sabres might be a bit of a problem, but what's the problem with a few sparkly gowns? Either put everyone in uniform or let them wear what they want. Sheesh.

meanie said...

pauline - yup, and being 5 years old is all about being fair - they are hyper-aware of unjustices.

Nat - it has been uber-dramatic and i don't do drama well.

lara - thanks, as of friday there is no real decision, we'll see what happens.

xup - sometimes i think uniforms would a-okay and save a lot of grief for a lot of people, and it freaks me out that i'm saying that because i'm sooo not a uniform person.