Tuesday, March 03, 2009


My amazing husband re-did our basement bathroom (think wood panelling, a shower from the movie Seven and a floor you'd want to wear bio-hazard boots to walk on) for about $25. He's amazing. He did it all with 2 cans of spray paint, a container of paint sealer and some left over white paint we had. I will post pictures. We were going to gut this bathroom and do a full reno, then got to thinking that is used so little, why not just clean it and do a little aesthetic makeover? It worked! Yippee!

Edie's birthday went off without a hitch. I had plenty of activities planned, but in the end realized that 4 year olds, without their parents, just want to roam, explore and play with someone else's toys. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't put on the puppet show I had been practicing. It was going to be my first gig since getting the puppet theatre.

Played Rock Band on Saturday night, and i think I have a repetitive strain injury from playing bass with a little too much enthusiasm. Oh, and for the most boring rock star experience, pick up the bass for Beastie Boys Watcha Want.....yawn....

Took Edie swimming on Sunday, caught glimpse of self in mirror, thought I was on acid because it looked like my leg, specifically thighs, were melting. What's that contraption that Chrissy from Three's Company was always swearing by? I think I need one of those.

Jo quit his job a few weeks back. The day he handed in his notice he started coming home at 5:00 p.m. I cannot begin to tell you what a positive impact this has had on our family. Relaxed mealtimes all together, homework harmony, time to play, talk, etc etc. If anyone ever questioned work/life balance, it's so worth fighting for. Also, when I switched jobs my Blackberry went with it. Jo will also be ditching his Blackberry as of Friday. No more flashing lights distracting us after work hours.

And now I'm about to give away the best beauty secret here. Because I was looking as so dry and shrivelled up, and was worried that XUP might start hating on me because I was ageing, I decided to change up my beauty routine. Ponds Cold Cream. Honestly. Glowing. Dewy. Moisturized. All that for 11 bucks.

This particulary chipper post is brought to you from a Venti Bold from Starbucks.


Anonymous said...

I love aging, the aged, age lines, etc.,etc., Old people I know read the post and thought it was funny. Cold cream, eh? You clean your face with it, right? You don't leave it on, do you? Is it greasy? Does it smell like old lady?

Nat said...

Well I ditched the bb and the pager when I switched jobs... can't say I miss either.

raino said...

nice cheap reno job. looking forward to photos!