Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the Bad: putting on my parka this morning after bannishing it to the basement
the Good: hearing Edie say "I love Spring, all the little people come out of their holes"

the Bad: Christian Dior waterproof mascara. I'm pretty sure if I grabbed some hot tar off the street and globbed it on my eyelashes, it would be exactly the same thing (only not $32!!!)

the Good: I look kinda pretty in a sleepy way without mascara on.

the Good: a closet full of awesome clothes

the Bad: being so fucking sick of winter clothes

the Bad: R.I.P my cute little cellphone with all my songs on it - got soaked in my yoga bag when by water leaked.

the Good: a sweet hip friend who gave me iPod mini because she has since upgraded (ummmm, anyone know how to work a mini???)

the Bad: a zero social life this week

the Good: 8 hours sleep, every night. Bliss

the Bad: hearing Edie moan and cry at night

the Good: we are breaking the soother habit at long last. Wish us luck.

the Good: Grace is reading and spelling!

the Bad: Grace can now decode everything Jo and I spell to each other that we don't want the kids to hear. Oh, did I mention she is fluent in both official languages? I think Jo and I will have to take a course in Mandarin or something to stay one step ahead of that girl.

the Good: Hopping on a train on Thursday, heading to Toronto for an "industry" party, hanging with friends and family, leaving the kids at home.

the Bad: ummmm, I'm sure by Saturday I'll be missing the homefront? Maybe?

On that note, I will be on a train for close to five hours on Thursday and again on Saturday. I will have that amount of time UNINTERRUPTED to read. Suggestions please! I don't really like the Harry Potter or Twilight genres.....but if you had read something fab, preferably Canadian (I can borrow Can-lit from work) please let me know.


alison said...

Do you like mysteries? Canadian author Louise Penny is amazing. First novel is "Still Life" set in a small town in the Eastern Townships. I just picked up "The Summer of My Amazing Luck" by Miriam Toews (also Canadian), so I can't attest to it's fabness, but it did look good enough for me to purchase.

My number one on the fab list right now is by a Scottish author. "Crow Road" by Iain Banks. Funny, dark, coming of age novel as a young man tries to find out what happened to his uncle, missing for several years while trying to graduate university and nurse a secret passion for his cousin. Full of sex and drinking, death and wicked humour. I have a copy, and if we could cross paths tomorrow at lunch if I'm back at work, I'd gladly loan it to you if you think it's your kind of book. Email/Facebook me if you'd like.

XUP said...

Twilight? Harry Potter? Ye gods, who would recommend those to you? Try anything by Camilla Gibb or Alligator by Lisa Moore, Latitudes of Melt by Joan Clarke -- all CanLit

MadWoman said...

I have no book recommendations but had to giggle at your sudden loss of decoding privileges. Our almost 7 year old has caused the same void in our lives. It's rather frustrating.

Nat said...

You spell to your mate? Really. We've opted for the "just scar 'em for life" approach to parenting. LOL.

Oh books. I haven't read anything recently, but I really enjoyed Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay (Garbo Laughs also very enjoyable and set in Ottawa.) In the Skin of the Lion if you haven't already (Ondaatje's prose makes my knees weak.)

I have more I just need to think.

~*Jobthingy*~ said...

no good on the book front. i am an autobio whore.

have fun

Chantal said...

Mary Lawson is my new favourite Canadian author. Elizabeth Hay and Miriam Toews were two of my suggestions too.

Have you read "The Birth House"? Set in rural Nova Scotia. A-mazing.