Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Fridays off thus far....

Here is where I whine and moan and likely get no sympathy from anybody. That's okay. It's my blog, I'll do what I want.

I took a new job in January. The job pays more money, I have an office, with a door, and I'm able to work a four day week. *bliss*. The job is challenging, but not in a "look at your fucking blackberry!" kind of challenging. More like a train going steadily up a really, really big hill kind of challenging. Anyhoooo, the Friday off. This was to be my day to do whatever I want. Get groceries done, do some slowcooking to keep the freezer stocked with meals, attack the clutter belching basement and get things in order again, and, dammit, maybe even go to a matinee. Well, having this day off made me feel a little guilty, so I offered to volunteer for a few hours each Friday morning at Gracie's school. That's fine. I'd still have a whole afternoon to myself. Well, there were eye appointments, doctor appointments, dental appointments to catch up on. Done. As of last Friday, the last oil change was done on the second child and we are all caught up. So, this Friday, THIS Friday was to be my first day with no committments, no appointments. I don't even have a volunteer shift at school.
Well, my boss, who is so kind and flexible just knocked on my door, and there is a meeting she wants me attend on Friday. I know she wouldn't ask if it wasn't important (she doesn't cry wolf) so once again my Friday is hijacked.

Feel sorry for me?


XUP said...

Just because you post it 3 times doesn't mean you have a whole week of posts here, you know... And, no I don't feel sorry for you. You're a big girl, get some balls and learn to say "no" ooooooorrrrrr -- suck it up. (that was harsh, wasn't it?)

MadWoman said...

I only feel sorry for you because that used to be MY life. But posting it three times doesn't make me feel MORE sorry for you...that just makes me want to buy you a drink because you seem overwhelmed or something.

Maybe next Friday will be free?

alison said...

I feel sorry for you. I telework on Fridays, and I always feel real pouty when circumstances decree that I have to go into work on a Friday.