Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are they just dreams?

Grace and Edie are hardcore dreamers. I usually just chalk it up to two kids who have vivid imaginations, and who maybe shouldn't watch so much Scooby Doo. The girls have woken me up with a litany of stories, many of which include people in their rooms; little girls, grown ups, and some who are just too scary to describe. I'd be lying if I said this didn't freak me out, because it does. And I know dismissing it as a bad dream doesn't help them that much - I remember losing a lot of sleep as a kid just from being scared of stuff.

I recently read a book by Sylvia Browne, many of whom will dismiss as a quack. She says children are more succeptible to seeing ghosts because they aren't as jaded as we are yet and not quite so prone to dismissing things because they are "impossible". And sometimes it isn't scary for them because they aren't programmed to think that kind of stuff is scary. Edie has talked quite fondly about a little girl in her room, and has asked where she has gone in the morning, like she misses her.

What do you think, do you believe in ghosts? Do you think sometimes young kids are actually seeing something we can't?

Now, last night Edie woke me with a blood curdling scream because aligators were biting her feet. I do draw the line at reptilian ghosts. I do think that was just a really bad dream.


alison said...

I'm open minded about the whole ghost thing. But, if they exist, I'm totally sure it's children who'll be able to see them.

Leah's bedroom is at the end of the hall, and with her door open, she can see down the hall into the living room from her bed. We had to have our cat Bogey euthanized because of a tumor when Leah was almost four. She was devastated. A few weeks later, she told me that on two nights when everyone was in bed she saw Bogey playing in the living room with another cat. They were a glowing blue colour. It only happened twice.

The ghost cats didn't bother or scare her, and to this day she swears it wasn't a dream. I'd like to think that Bogey was playing in our living room with a spectral friend.

meanie said...

alison - that is a very cool story. and what a nice memory of her cat friend for leah.

XUP said...

Another blogger, Casual Perfectionist, often talks about her daughter talking to "friends" in the mirror and other weird other worldly stuff. I don't remember my daughter ever communicating with ghosts though -- maybe because I was with her all the time when she was little and I scared the spooks away??

Hannah said...

I am skeptical of many "psychics" on television but agree with Sylvia Browne on her assessment of children. Children tend to be more openminded so it makes sense that they would see things that others wouldn't.