Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What I could do with that many arms....

A typical day in my household. Here’s a rundown of the routine – I’m sure many will relate:

-Wake at 6:00 (hit snooze once, usually only once, okay, maybe twice)
-Catch bus at 6:30 (you can imagine how good I look with 10 minutes to get dressed)
-6:30 – 7:00 read my book, drink coffee on bus,
-7:00-7:45 Jo wakes, feeds and brings the girls to day care (two different stops)
-7:00-3:00 work
-Catch bus at 3:00 (sometimes catch some zzzz’s at this point)
-3:30 grab Edie and the running stroller that Jo has left for me at her day care PRAY that I remembered to pack sports bra (the girls aren’t big, but they do get in the way)
-3:40-Run home (about a 3 K run) PRAY that Edie remains content for the run
-Unload stroller, backpacks etc. PRAY that I remembered to bring house key (if forgotten, PRAY that Jo answers his phone to come and save me)
-4:00 Grab van keys that Jo has left behind (I don’t imagine that I need to keep saying PRAY at this point. Grab snacks.
-4:15 Scoot Edie into her car seat, ignoring her cries that she can do up the buckle herself
-4:30 Pick up Grace at her day care, lamenting the amount of art work she is capable of producing in one day (I mean, c’mon, are we expected to keep every last piece?)
-4:35 Scoot the girls (not my boobs, my actual children) back into the van and if it’s Monday or Tuesday or Friday, drive madly to karate, one hand on steering wheel, one hand doling out snacks, and one hand massaging my temples (whoops, sorry. That’s what I would do if I had a third hand). Once at karate, try and restrain Edie from entering the Dojo.
-5:45 Rush home, create a homemade meal that includes the 4 food groups that will inevitably be complained about but eaten due to threats of no dessert unless ½ consumed
-6:45 If hot outside, go for a swim. If cold outside, ignore cries of wanting to go for a swim and go for a walk instead, where girls pretend to step on my head by stomping on my shadow (ahhh, the love)
-7:30 get everyone in their pyjamas, select book/puzzle/show (sometimes all three) Prepare good night snack
-8:00 night night Edie (she’s pretty good – just about 2 minutes of hugs, blanket placement and soother inventory)
-8:30-9:00 night night Grace (this is usually a good ½ hour procedure – much more complex and changes weekly – another post entirely)
-9:30 tidy up and make lunches for next day
-10:00 make love to the couch and television
-10:30 hit the sack.
* ooops, acknowledge husband at some point.


How about you?


phisherman said...

I only work 30weeks a year and only 2 days a week. I bring Signy with me to work one day a week.

Anonymous said...

You rock, Mean Old Mommy! ROCK!

- Your friendly neighbourhood curator

Karen L said...

Ok, my turn :-)
6:30a.m. mommy wakes up, has shower, gets dressed in anything that doesn't need ironing
7:00a.m. 5 year old wakes 2 year old and whining begins
7:10-7:25a.m. 5 year old goes through major picking and choosing re. what to wear (no jeans, no buttons or zippers, no sweaters or sweatshirts, no shorts - must be skirt and t or skirt and tank)
7:30 mommy makes breakfast while daddy has a shower
8:00 - daddy drops off 5 year old, mommy drops off 2 year old on the way to work...as of this week, however, both in same daycare, daddy will drop off both
8:30 - 4:30, work
5:00p.m. mommy picks up girls who inevitably don't want to go home yet...this mommy also ignores 2 year olds proclomations of being able to do up own car seat belt, and straps them both in the mini van for a 2 minute drive home
5:20 -balance all backpacks, artwork (what do YOU do with it all?! - am I supposed to keep every scrap of paper that has been scribbled on? - please advise) and children into the house
6:00 - daddy gets home, we make some semblance of a meal together and always eat together, trying to ignore the complaints about whatever we've made
6:30 - outside, or basement to make big messes
then baths, jammies, bubbas, stories, shows, rigamarole, etc until they're asleep
-Laundry, pack backpacks for next day, do dishes, pick up stuff, do stuff on computer, crash

same drill tomorrow :-)

I do love, them though

oh, yeah - acknowledge husband in there too! Oh, Karen, we are in paralell universes :-) (oh,except I should jog too!)