Friday, August 03, 2007

I feel like I should be baking cookies or something....

Okay, end of week two with the kids. I'm not sure how I am doing. Humour me:
-Grace does not want to go to her day care because she would rather be at home with me - 1 point

-Grace tries to drown friend in pool because friend is not playing the game right - lose 2 points

-Jonas remarks at bedtime last night that Edie kinda smells musty, I then realize that she hasn't been bathed in a awhile - lose 1 point

-Bathe Edie while having morning coffee this morning - 2 points

-Get girls excited about my vinyl collection - 1 point

-Grace most interested in an album titled "Music to Strip to" - lose 5 points

-0 batches of cookies made - lose 1 point

-Made popsicles with real fruit juice - 2 points

-Not able to get Edie to keep clothes on - lose 1 point

-Ability to not give a shit about the above - 3 points

-Haven't filled Atavan prescription...yet - 10 points

I think I'm ahead!!!! We'll see what the final week brings.....

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